Friday 4 January 2019

Launch of 99% Water Based Baby Wipes From Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh , a famous baby care brand has always come up with excellent products in affordable range. Their baby wipes are one of the best in market.
Now they have come up with a premium version of  their water based wipes which is 99% water based wipes with new packaging with lid to seal the moisture.

These wipes are unscented and made with medical grade cloth so suitable for sensitive skin.

In one of my previous post on Mother Sparsh wipes , I have already shown by Flame Test 
that these wipes are organic and natural , so safe to be used for small kids and infants. 

One can check that post here 

These wipes passed the flame test , when burnt they burned like paper and formed ash , which shows these are not made from Polyester .

Purified Water 
Calendula  Extract 
Sodium Benzoate  etc 

Price : Rs 299 for 72 wipes 

Product  Packaging 
Product Packaging is excellent. 
These wipes are packed in a way to seal moisture so that these wipes does not become dry after few usage . Wipes are packed in way which is very easy to pull and use.

What  I  Liked  About These Wipes
* Free of  Paraben , Alcohol ( Which can make skin dry )
* Free of  Sulfates & Dyes , Artificial  Fragrance .
* Made  from 100% biodegradable material .
* Polyester free wipes.
* Made with medical grade cloth.
* Dermatologically tested .
* PH balanced  product.
* Thick & Gentle on Skin.
* Does not tear while usage .
* Cleanses skin properly .
* Travel Friendly Packaging .
* Excellent packaging to seal moisture.

So ideal to be used to maintain hygiene for small infants and kids. 
Travel friendly packaging so one can easily carry this in their bags to be used when outside.
One can use it clean baby's face after feeding , also while changing diaper .

Since small baby's are sensitive to some fragrance , specially strong ones it is better to use baby products which are free of artificial fragrance , so good for baby.
So this  Mother Sparsh wipes are  #UnscentedWipes in true sense .

Using these wipes will help to maintain hygiene as well as will help to avoid diaper rash which is a common problem . As these wipes are dermatologically tested , PH balanced and gentle on skin.
We should never use products which have harmful chemicals , as that could be harsh on baby's tender skin . Those products can cause rashes or allergy which is very painful and child gets irritated.

These wipes from Mother Sparsh are as good as cotton and water , so gentle on skin.

Size of these wipes are better than that of other brand , not small or thin but thick and longer than other wipes . They are 3 times thicker than wipes from other brand .
These wipes does not gets teared while usage , so too good.

These wipes are made from 100 % plant fabric which makes it totally nature friendly .
These wipes are also biodegradable so environmental  friendly .
So one does not feels guilty of using products which are not  degradable.
As this is an eco friendly product.

All these makes this a Must Try One for your little ones.

I am using these wipes for my little one and I am satisfied with its quality.
I have also used it myself for cleansing makeup and found it too good and useful.

One can easily buy this product from online stores like Amazon or directly from their website.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

Do check this product at amazon and buy for your little one.

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