Saturday 5 January 2019

Save Water To Save Our Planet

Water is one of  the basic requirement for life .
Life cannot sustain on earth without water.
97.5 % of world's water is locked in seas and oceans , too salty for human use.
And remaining 2.5 % is in ice caps.
So we humans depends on tiny bit of available water , which is fresh water .
70% of  freshwater is used to produce food we eat.

There are many places like cities & villages  all over the world where there is scarcity of water , people are having tough time collecting water for their daily usage . For drinking and other household activities like washing & cleaning etc .

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We can see that there are many places in India which comes under region of  water scarcity .

In big cities people living in slum areas need to collect and store water for their daily usage .
At many places people are not getting water 24x7 , it's time bound and they need to store water .
So it is necessary for all of us to understand the importance of  preserving water and avoiding any sort of wastage.
As many of us are not realizing the blessings  we  have by getting water to use as per our wish .

With rising population water usage has increased , So we need to preserve and conserve water .

Government , NGO's and some local bodies have taken many initiatives to create awareness about preserving water and  avoiding it's wastage but we need to create  awareness everywhere , all household and at individual level .

 Ways to save water

1. Turn off  Your Taps
Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth and while shaving .
Fix leaky taps too .

2. Keep Your Shower Short
Every minute spent in shower  uses upto 17 litres of water.
So keep the shower short and water saving .
One can even use a bucket & mug so as to use limited quantity of water for taking a bath rather than wasting lots of water in a shower .

3.  Wash fully loaded Machine
It's better to run a fully loaded washing machine than half  loaded one as this way we can wash more clothes and save water .
So collect your dirty clothes and wash when the machine is full.

4. Steam your food
Steaming rather than boiling requires less water .
Even when we are boiling veggies or even meat , we can keep the stock to be used in soups .

5. Time your gardening
Watering  trees in a day time causes immediate evaporation of water , so Time Your Gardening .
So do it either early morning or end of   the day.

6. Harvest Rainwater
Harvesting rainwater is a great way to conserve water .
One can install tank either on terrace or garden , so to conserve rain water which can be used for cleaning or planting trees etc .

One can also use posters to create awareness about conserving water in their  locality and neighbourhood .

With these small steps we can do a lot to conserve water and save our planet.

Livpure, India's  famous brand for water purifier has come up with a Great Concept of saving water
called  #CuttingPaani

By this initiative the left over water in glasses and bottles can be reused.
This initiative has introduced the concept of  using the amount of   water as per requirement and using it judiciously.
The leftover water in glasses can be saved in bottle to be used later or can be  used for cleaning or planting trees .

There are many video's which educate us to stop wasting water in office, restaurants etc.

So let us pledge to save water and avoid any sort of wastage and to create awareness about it to all and be a responsible citizen.

#Livpure  #CuttingPaani

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

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