Wednesday 16 January 2019

Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Your Health

Every Year we do make New Year Resolutions, Most of  the time we are not able to keep it , reasons being either are bit difficult to achieve or  bit unrealistic .
Many a times it happens  as we do not dare to come out of  our  Comfort Zone  and try something different .

So this year I made a resolution which is not very tough or unrealistic, can be achieved with little hard work and patience . The most important is Motivation :)

My resolution is related to Diet & Health , one of the most important thing in our life .
Healthy Eating & Healthy Lifestyle .

Making a complete change in our diet is not easy and feasible , one gets bored easily and  loses interest in doing diet control and healthy eating , instead of  that one should go slowly , taking small steps at a time .

So my New Year Resolution is  : Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Health

Sounds interesting , right ??

How to Improve your diet in a healthy  way without bringing a complete change in your menu .

Indians are obsessed  with  Rice , Daal , Curries , Fried food , Sweets , Halwa's etc .
Most of  these foods  are not very healthy .
During festive season and other functions we can't help but get indulge in enjoying all sort of delicacies .

On daily basis also we eat what is cooked for everyone , kids , elders etc .
Bringing a complete change is bit difficult , but we can do this gradually , incorporating healthy options with unhealthy ones .

So in this post I will share some tips how we can do that .


1. Replace your  Refine oil with some healthy oils like Olive oil , Coconut oil .
For small kids we can even use Pure Ghee ( Clarified Butter )  as it healthier than refined  oil .

2. Instead  of  deep  frying , we can do shallow frying or even baking , so as to use less oil.

3. Replace  Sugar with Honey or Jaggery as refined sugar is very unhealthy and cause for many health problems .

4. Avoid  outside food as much as possible as we never know quantity & quality of  salt , sugar , oils used there , better to stick to home made food .
Preparing those delicious recipes  what we are fond of  , is not that difficult , there are numerous food channels on Youtube from where we can learn those recipes or even from some recipe books.

5. Kids love junk foods , we can substitute those junk food with healthy snacks like home made cakes or donuts  , Peanut chikkis etc .

6. Kids can enjoy Indian Sweets as they are in a growing stage , but as elders we should limit it and take  healthier ones like Flavoured Yogurt etc ( so to satisfy our sweet tooth )

7. We can also incorporate steamed & baked dishes in our menu .
Like Idli , Baked Chicken etc .
There are also many sweet dishes which are baked & steamed one like many Bengali Sweets are steamed , so one can try those as they are healthier .

This way slowly , we can change eating habit and swift to a healthier version of  food .
This will help us to achieve our goals of  eating healthy and staying healthy .

This approach is bit realistic as we can bring changes gradually and not suddenly , so easier to maintain and continue .

Apart from this on personal level when we want to improve our diet , we can do more like

* Drink plenty of water , 8-10 glasses in a day , it helps to flush out toxins from body , helps to keep skin healthy and many more benefits .

* Limit our portion .
Instead of  eating  more to fill stomach , we should eat less , say around 20% less than our hunger , so this way we can limit our calories . And it's good for digestion too .

* Eat smaller portion at regular  intervals .
Like some fruits , soups , healthy snacks , so that we do not feel too hungry at meal time and eat less .

* Dinner should be very light , preferably soups as it helps to maintain and lose weight .

* Include lots of  veggies and fruits in our  diet .
Our plate should be colorful :)
Should include all seasonal fruits & vegetables .

* We should eat nuts as snacks like Almonds , Pistachos etc . These are healthy & delicious.

* We should take fiber rich foods like Oats , Corn etc , this helps to get a feeling of full for long and there are less cravings.

All these will help to maintain & reduce weight , stay healthy and active and feel happy .

As when we are healthy , we feel active and we are able to do what we want and thus feel happy and satisfied .
On the other hand when we are ill , or because of  severe dieting, we always feel hungry or starved , we don't feel good from inside and then we lack concentration in our work .

So eat healthy and stay happy :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

I am writing this post as a part of the New Year Resolution  Blog  Train by three bloggers.
Prerna Wahi  
Alpana Deo 

Do check their blog's and posts in this series .


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