Friday 22 March 2019

Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Colic is a type of abdominal pain in infants, because of which baby feels uncomfortable and cries too much and sometimes it becomes difficult for the parents to pacify the baby.
It's a common problem in infants, in fact, 1 in 5 babies has this problem.

Causes of colic may be because of indigestion or some spice in moms food because of which baby feels uncomfortable.

To Treat Colic one can do the following :
1. Lay them on their tummy, this would help them to release gas.
2. Make them burp after the feed, this would help to prevent colic.
3. Holding them upright after the feed.
4. Massage baby's back.

When my kids were young, I have faced similar problems.
They had severe colic and they used to cry a lot because of that.
I used to do some home remedies like making a paste of  hing with warm water and applying that on their naval area.
That used to bring some comfort.
But making a paste when the baby is crying and not ready to leave mom for a second is difficult.
But that time no other option was available.
Thankfully now we have an easy solution.
Mother Sparsh , a famous Indian Baby Care brand has come up with a baby roll on meant to treat colic.

It's Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll on.
It's an Ayurvedic product meant to treat colic and indigestion in infants.
It also treats abdominal pain, constipation, and an upset stomach.
The main ingredients in this roll on is Hing ( Asafoetida )
which helps to treat abdominal problems.

This Tummy Roll-on is a combination of Hing Oil & Saunf Oil.
Both of these helps to provide relief from stomach discomforts like gas, acidity, and indigestion.
Hing oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help to reduce acid reflux and constipation.
The presence of saunf oil has anti-colic properties.

I felt so happy to see this product as I know how useful it is.

1. Hing Oil 
2. Saunf Oil 
3. Pudina Oil 
4. Sonth 
5. Sova Base 

All natural ingredients in this product.

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent.
A roll on is so easy to use and carry anywhere in the bag.

When a baby is crying one just needs to apply this roll on at naval area and it will do its work and will help to calm down baby. 

Price: Rs 249 for 40 ml pack.

Shelf  Life: 2 years 
( Which is too good ) 

Availability : 
Easily available in online stores like Amazon.
One can buy from here 

Why do I recommend this product to others:

1. It's free of harmful chemicals. 
Contains all natural ingredients.

2. Excellent Packaging 
Roll on is easy to use.

3. Travel-friendly pack.

4. Effective Product 
Very useful for infants.

5. Affordable Price.

6. Easily available on Amazon.

7. A product from a trusted brand.

One can also check their website to know more details about their products. 

One can also check this video to know more about the product 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.