Friday 26 July 2019

Review of Mama Earth Oil Free Moisturizer

Hello Everyone
Back with one more product review after a long time :)

Today I will share my views on a New launch by Mama Earth :
It's  Oil-Free Face Moisturizer with Apple Cider Vinegar.

My skin type is Oily, So I am too careful in choosing any product for my face.
Or else it might end up as a break out with pimples, acne.

I am using this moisturizer past 20 days and my experience with it is quite good :)

Apple Cider Vinegar 
Sodium Benzoate
Pottasium Sorbate 
Xanthum Gum 
Natural Fragrance etc 

The packaging is good. Its a tube with a flip. 
So quite easy to pump the required amount of moisturizer without any wastage.
It's hygienic too and also it's travel-friendly, one can easily carry in their bag or purse. 

Price :  Rs 250 for 80 ml 

One can buy this from Amazon or directly from their website.

Shelf Life: 24 months 
( which is quite good ) 

Texture & Fragrance :
The moisturizer is white color, thick and creamy one.
Has a nice mild fragrance. 

What does the product claim
1.  Prevents acne and pimples.
2. A non-greasy formula.
3. Provides Effective Hydration.

This moisturizer contains Apple Cider Vinegar which helps to balance the PH level of the skin and also helps to prevent acne breakouts.

Betaine in it helps to retain natural moisture, also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What I liked about this moisturizer
1. A toxin-free product free of  Parabens, Mineral Oil, SLS.
2. Free of artificial color and fragrance.
3. Non Greasy formula
It's a non-greasy moisturizer which moisturizes the skin and doesn't make it look or feel greasy or oily.
4. Provides complete hydration and keeps skin moisturized for a good period of time.
5. Excellent packaging.
6. Affordable price. 
7. Easily available in online stores. 
8. Excellent ingredients list. 

My Experience with the product :
I am using this moisturizer past 20 days and I liked it.
My skin type is oily and it suited my skin.
I am using it twice daily.
Doesn't makes skin look oily or greasy. 
It's a good moisturizer for daily use and also before makeup. 

IBB Rating: 4.8/5 

Would recommend this to Oily skin beauties. 

One can also check review of  Mama Earth C3 Mask which is also an excellent product, especially for oily skin. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views if you have tried this product.



Anita Singh said...

ACV oily skin k liye bahut hi accha hota hai aur ye to brand bhi trusted hai, oily skin walo k liye is climate me aur bhi accha hai 👍👍
Thanks for detailed review 👏👏

Anjali Sengar said...

This product really sounds worth trying. I have an oily skin which is acne prone so I hope it will gonna work for me 💕

Khushboo said...

I wanted to try this moisturizer after reading your review i am definitely going to buy this soon.

Princy said...

my niece has reall oily skin and hence she just cannot use any cream on her skin, i will surely suggest this to her

Hema Gayatri said...

ACV does wonders on skin. This works like a charm of my skin. I love mama earth products

Ruchi Mayank Verma said...

Mama earth is wonderful brand when comes to kids and mama's skin care ...This one too look promising !!

Siddhi said...

My skin type is combo and using any cream on it makes it more greasy so I usually avoid sunscreen even. But this seems like a promising product. May just try it.

gresya12 said...

I always wondered whether ACV WOULD BE GOOD ON MY SKIN, im glad i found your blog post, all doubts sorted and got a great product recommendation too.

docdivatraveller said...

In this season of humidity, an oil free moisturiser is the only way to keep your skin hydrated.

Sandy N Vyjay said...

This seems to be a good moisturizer and especially so for oily skin. I like the look of the packaging too, it looks so convenient and handy, especially when traveling.

Paresh Godhwani said...

It looks like a perfect moisturizer. And you have given the rating of 4.8 which means it would be must try.

Read.dream.repeat said...

I have an oily skin and I have such a hard time finding the right moisturiser. Thank you for this recommendation!

AmritKaur_Amy said...

I have tried this too and it worked well on my oily tzone. It keeps oil away for decent hours from the skin.

Manjusha said...

Looks like a great moisturiser. Mama earth products are good and I have always heard good reviews from ppl. Will check this out.

Wanderer said...

I have combination skin and using any cream on it makes it more greasy so I might skip this. Thanks for honest review

Supriti said...

ery nice and honest review. Glad u wrote it. :)