Tuesday 10 September 2019

5 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes in India

Hello Everyone
Today's topic is quite an interesting one, especially for Ladies as I am going to list
5 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes in India.
I am listing those which I have used and found good.

1. Fab Bag 
Fab bag is one of the best and most sought after Beauty Subscription box.
It contains products from good brands and most of the time it's a Steal Deal.
Price for one month box is Rs 599.
And one gets products worth more than  Rs 1000 or sometimes up to Rs 2000 in the bag.
If one takes the subscription for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year then one gets a good discount. 
So the price of one month bag comes less than Rs 599.
I have ordered this a few times and I liked all the bags and it's products.
Sharing a pic of one of the bag: 

The pouch or bag was too good.
Had two cosmetic products from the famous brand Sugar.
Then Rosewater from O3 
Face & Body Wash from Seba Med

This was one of the best Fab Bag :) 

2. Euphorbia Box 
This is the most affordable Beauty Subscription Box.
Owned by a Beauty Blogger Anjali Sengar who knows what products to keep in the box to make it an excellent one. 
I ordered this many times and liked them all.
Price is Rs 309 only.
And one gets 4-5 good products along with a good bag or pouch. 
So this is a Must-Try one.
It has Skincare products, makeup Products and some Jewelry like Earrings, etc.
Sharing the pics of some of the boxes:

So one can see that by spending only Rs 309 one can get some good products.
If one takes 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription price of one month box comes much less. 

One can check its first box here:

3.Glamego Box 
This is again an affordable beauty subscription box.
 This box provides a good number of products at an affordable price 
of Rs 399 per month.
Sharing pics of June month box.

It had some Korean Skin Care products along with some other Skincare products, Some healthy snack and Green coffee packet.
Overall I liked the products.

4. MooiBox 
I won this box in their Instagram Giveaway :) 
The box I received as a prize had some amazing products.

Elenblu Nail Paint 
Wet n Wild Blush
Luis & Luth Silver Face Gel 
Kronokare Moisturizing Face Gel
Goat Milk Soap etc

Products were worth Rs 2200 
Price of one month box is Rs 900.
So this is also a Steal Deal :)

5.VanityCask Box 
It's a Luxury box curated for Indian Women.
Contains Skin Care products from one of the best brands.

I had won this box in one of their giveaways :)
It had products from brand Votre and The Natures Co.
Those products were too good and I have also used other products from these brands and these are too good. 

One can check their Instagram page 

I have also ordered and used some other subscription boxes.
Those were from Instagram stores.
Not mentioning here as they were not good.
Some had products from local cheap brands 
which I really didn't want to use.

But the brand I have mentioned in this post are really good & affordable.
Worth Trying.

The reason why I like to buy these subscription boxes are: 
1. A monthly subscription box is always a Surprise Element :) 
After placing the order I wait eagerly for it to know what's inside :) 
It's a kind of Treat or Gift to Yourself :) 

2. One gets to try some good products from famous and reputed brands.
Many times these boxes have sample sized products.
So if one likes the product, can later order a full-size product from the same brand.

3. These are affordable and cheaper than buying individual products.
Like one spends around Rs 400 -500 and gets products worth Rs 1500-2000 
which is too good and a smart deal :) 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic in the comment section below.
Also, do suggest me some other good subscription boxes :) 

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"Anny" The Anurag said...

Well this is not my expertise but my wife would love this post


Manisha said...

Manisha - Beauty sunscsubscri boxes are like a little gift to ourselves. I love subscribing to them, have used Fab Bag and Glamego.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

I have heard most about Fabbag the most, i love the idea of receiving new things every month and giving yourself a surprise.

Sarah said...

I think this is the best way to save money and get a lot of products and one box every month

gresya12 said...

Im so glad to know about the best beauty box subscriptions in business; as im keen to sub a few for me; apart from glamego, haven’t tried others. This is very helpful for me.

MeenalSonal said...

I was unaware of beauty subscription boxes, I am taking notes from your post.

Vartika said...

Apart from Glamego, I never heard of any of these. Thanka for sharing about these super cool boxes. #vartikasdiaryreading #myfriendalexa

Debidutta Mohanty said...

Was not aware of these subscription boxes. Thanks for sharing

Rajesh k said...

Thanks for the information

sweta said...

I'm not much into makeup but this definitely looks alluring. Might as well share it to my sisters.

Debdatta Dasgupta said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I am going to forward this to a friend who has been looking for such options.

Preetjyot said...

I find subscription boxes really exciting. I would love to try a few from your list. Thanks for a detailed review of these boxes.

Preeti's Panorama said...

Will you believe that this post has come at such a right time for me? I was looking for makeup products and was confused about what to buy and whatnot. Your post has helped me resolve my dilemma. Thank you. I am definitely going for one of the good ones you have mentioned here


Dishki said...

I always wanted to try the subscription boxes and have so many vlogs on it. The Fab bag definitely looks appealing to me.

Anita Singh said...

Ekdum sahi bola, subscription boxes bahut affordable rehty hain, ek sath itne acche brands try karne ko bhi mil jaata hai 👍👍
Inme se sabhi boxes maine try kiya hai sir MooiBox pehli baar suna hai
Galmego box is samay top per hai na 👍👍

Sanjota Purohit said...

Personally, I don't opt for subscription boxes because I always end up having unnecessary stuff. But this will help people who love makeup and gives enough time to take care of their skin.

Pratibha said...

I have used #1 and #2 a lot and specially love Glamgeo box ! It also is a wonderful gift for any occassion between family.

Upasana @pahadimomblogger said...

Such lovely boxes. Though i am not a makeup person but personal care is what is important.. I am surely trying to reach one of those and this will also save some money for me. #pahadimomblogger

Priyanka Roy Banerjee said...

I've subscribed to Fab Bag for quite a few times and really liked the products. Thanks for writing.

Suchita said...

Have seen them many times on Instagram but haven't subscribed to one. Love how quirky and pretty these beauty boxes look.

Shalzzzz said...

I am not really a makeup person but I did subscribe to the Glamego box. I wasn't really impressed with the products they sent. It was repetitive and sample sizes mostly. I have heard so much about Fab bag and would try that subscription sometime. Thanks for this list. :)

Ghazala said...

Nice,tell her about these boxes and she will be happy 🙂

Ghazala said...

Yes true 🙂

Ghazala said...


Ghazala said...


Ghazala said...

Welcome,glad that you liked my post 🙂

Ghazala said...