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How Facebook Group Hyderabad Moms is Helping Mommies

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It's about a Facebook Group  HYDERABAD MOMS.

Today most of the netizens are on Facebook.
People connect with their relatives and friends on Facebook.

One can also be part of various kinds of groups of their choice.
Most of the Moms are part of some  Mom Groups as it helps them to connect with other moms and share their problems, ask for some tips or moral support and it actually helps.

One such group is Hyderabad Moms.
It has more than 6K members now.
One can check the group here: Hyderabad Mommies

Today I will share the Interview of its Admin Chayya Sharma.
I met her for the first time at Godrej Event Last year.
Then met her few more times during various blogger's event here in Hyderabad.
Got to know about her FB group and I also joined that group :)
I was too impressed to know the work this group is doing and how it's helping many :)

Q1. Briefly Tell Something about your Facebook Group Hyderabad Mommies.

Ans: Hyderabad Mommies ( HM ) is a parenting support group.
Its a forum for all who are planning to have a baby, Pregnant women
and mothers living in Hyderabad to connect with each other in networking.
Taking suggestions on different topics like Parenting, Kids, Recipes, Experiences, Health, Fitness, Shopping, Peer to Peer Support, Social Work, Women Empowerment, etc.

It's strictly Female Only Group.

We believe in supporting each other and growing together.
It helps in friendship, information sharing, and emotional support.

Q2. How did the idea to start this group came? 

Ans: After delivering my baby I felt there is a need for a strong support system where one can get resolutions for all queries. 
Like regarding breastfeeding, which doctor to visit, Where to shop, which food to give, which school is good, dealing with postnatal depression.
I understood the importance of socialization for moms and started Hyderabad Moms Group.

Q3. How has it benefitted mommies?

Ans: HM has changed the life of many moms.
It not only provides a strong support system on parenting to moms but also has given exposure to many mompreneurs, many made new friends who were feeling lonely or were new to the city, many got jobs and restarted their career with the help of other moms, many got help and counseling when  they were slipping into depression, many of them opened their heart and poured their emotions and got lots of support and positivity.

It helped moms from fitness to career, from shopping to a noble cause, from recipes to fun activities all is there is one roof HM.
We have shared the laugh, tears, and trumps of motherhood. 

It's amazing to have someone by your side always and have that feeling that you are not alone.

Q4. Briefly describe some of the events organized by this group.

Ans: HM keeps doing events regularly.
We have done so many Get Together's and Playdates.
Where all the moms get a chance to come out of their home and have some fun time with their kids and meet other moms, have lots of fun activities, take part in quiz and contests and win prizes.

Apart from fun events, HM is committed towards society and we always try to help underprivileged.
We did the #HMSpreadingSmiles and visited two orphanages last year.
We spent quality time with kids there and gifted them lots of groceries, stationaries, eateries, toys, sports kit, etc.

We also ran a campaign called #10kadum in the group where we asked everyone to contribute just Rs 10 and we donated the whole amount to Kerala flood survivor lady who is a single parent and has three kids.

Through #HMSpreadingsmiles this year we collected clothes, stationeries, toys, footwear, rainwear from members and distributed that to underprivileged kids.

We also managed to buy lots of stuff for them.
This was done in a single day at many places in Hyderabad by our volunteers.

We also keep doing lots of digital campaigns and give lots of gifts and prizes to our members.

Q5. How do you feel being the Admin of this group?

Ans: It's a life-enriching experience as a founder and admin of this group.
For me, it's not a group but it's like a baby:) 
I call it as HM family.
This has changed my perspective on life.
I am more positive now as I have to spread positivity everywhere.
I got to meet many amazing personalities because of HM.
I am able to help many and get their blessings.
It really means a lot to me.
We work selflessly in this group.

Q6. What would you suggest mommies to do when they feel alone and depressed.

Ans: We are always there to help and support you.
Don't keep everything inside, Speak with others.
Just vent out everything which is bothering you.
Do some meditation, follow some hobbies.
Meet your friends.
Try to see positive things in life.
If needed take help from professionals.

We also have a Whatapp support group where we help 24/7 for any urgency, and we also have professionals in HM, if needed we can help you.

Lastly, I am very thankful to all members of HM for making it so helpful, positive and successful :) 

One can connect at HM groups on their social media handles.

Facebook: FB page of HM 
Instagram: Hyderabadmommies
Twitter: Hyderabad Moms 

So this is all about HM ( Hyderabad Mommies) 
Female Readers from Hyderabad or Telangana can join this group and be a part of Fun Activities and Events. 

Hope you all liked this post, do share your views in the comments section below. 

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Rashi Roy said...

That was an interesting interview. I am also a part of a few mom groups and I know they are really good and helpful.

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Yes this group is really very helpful and very happening..!!

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Intresting and innovative

This should be everywhere now

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Sounds interesting. Enjoyed reading your stuff.

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This is so nice to get covered...this is like a big motivation for us ....thanks for this.

Pooja Priyamvada said...

Good idea creating and supporting communities via blog


Truly enjoyed reading it ! Chhaya is such a dynamic woman. So proud of her.

Unknown said...

Chhaya is doing some wonderful work with Hyderabad Mommies. More power to her. Good luck for everything!

Planet lover said...

Joined the group recently. Its very helpful and active.

Ghazala said...

Yes these mom's group are helpful.

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Yes, every city needs one such group.

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Yes she is dynamic and energetic.

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This is such a wonderful initiative...thanks Ghazala for covering this

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Is group ko aapke thru hi dekha aur mujhe isme sabhi moms bahut pasand hai 👍👍
Bahut helpful , great work 👏👏

Srishti Rajeev said...

This group sounds interesting. unique post!

Ghazala said...

Welcome 😊