Thursday, 12 September 2019

How To Get Free Sample Products in India

Hello Everyone
Today's post is quite interesting and useful for all, especially for online shoppers.
In this post, I will share How to get free sample products in India :)

We all love to get gifts, discounts, freebies when we shop either online or from a retail shop.
We look for Sale and Offers.

When we shop online we feel happy when we get freebies with our orders.

Here I am listing few sites from where we can get free samples.

1. HomeTester Club
It's a website where one needs to register and one can get free samples of various products.
Upon receiving one needs to try and then review those products at that site.
I received some samples from there.

One doesn't need to pay anything.
It's in exchange of a genuine review at their site :)

How cool is that :)

One can check the site here: Home Tester Club

2. Smytten
Smytten is an online shopping store.
Initially, when it was launched there were giving a free sample box.
I got mine with some skincare products.
One can check this post to know more about it.

Goodie Box from Smytten

Now they have started some Free Trial Points system.
Upon registering one earns 6 points.
One can use that point to shop some products from there, that includes both sample sized products as well as full-size products.
One needs to pay shipping charges which comes around Rs 199.

Still, its a Good Deal as one gets lots of good products at a nominal price.
Then after one order is complete one earns some more points as well as wallet discount which one can use to get a discount on their orders.
Overall it's a good site to shop.
I have placed several orders past few months :)

One can download this app from Google Play Store.

3. FabPiks Box
This is a recent launch.
I saw their page on Instagram and then checked the site.
I ordered a Goody Box which had some 5 products worth Rs 850.
I had to pay only the shipping charges which is Rs 99.
So again this was Steal Deal.
They have some more boxes coming up soon.
One can also request for Free product Trial, where also one just needs to pay the shipping charges.

One can check the site here: 

Products I got are from Good brand and are useful products.
So one can go for it.
Do check the site for more details.

So these are My Online Shopping Experiences to get some Freebies and Great Discounts.
Do share your's in the comment section below.

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Supriti said...

This is very genuine writeup. I searched for so many free testing sites but didn't come across a genuine site. Please use the SEO tools to make it to the google list.. this will definitely make it to the top. :)

Nishat said...

Just wow.I know only about Home tester club.thankss for sharing.i will surely check it out

Anita Singh said...

Great, main bhi inse products order karti hu, hometester per shipping charges nahi lagta per fabpik n smytten per lagta hai na 😊
Fabpick ka do product aana baaki hai, hometester ka ek n smytten ka bhi order aaney wala hai 😍😍

Resha said...

I didn't know this existed! What fun! Thanks for sharing.

Sanjota Purohit said...

That's really great! I always love free stuff with good quality. Will share this with my friends.

Samidha Mathur said...

Hey Ghazala, That was this nice blog. I have registered myself in Home tester club. I hope they are genuine.

Ghazala said...

Yes they are genuine ,I have received products from them many a times 🙂

Pallavi Jain said...

My gosh... so much informative blog.. I didn't knew about it..
Who don't want surprise goodies 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
I'll also check and spread your words...
So much impressed...
Thank you so much for super awesome information

Sur said...

Interesting!! I honestly didn't know about these websites.

simi gn said...

these products look great sure will be checking out

bushra said...

know only about Home tester club.thankss for sharing.i will surely check it out