Thursday 19 September 2019

Simple Tips To Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog

DA or Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz.
It's one of the factors Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of a website.

The higher is the DA, the better it is.

DA is scored on a scale of 1-100.

When one is doing blogging seriously and wishes to earn good from the blog than one must work on improving DA.

As for paid collaborations brands check a blog's DA.

Now in this post, I will share some tips to improve your blog's DA.
I am sharing what I have learned from my own experience in the past 4 years of my blogging journey :)

1.Internal Linking
Whenever you are writing a post do keep in mind to link with a similar post you have previously written in your blog.
For e.g if I am writing about product review of a particular brand I can give a link in the post to review post from the same brand which I have done before.
Or if I am writing about parenting tips, I can give a link to another post on Parenting from my own blog.

This helps to keep readers stay longer on your blog and helps to improve DA :)

2. Linking Root Domains
This is the number of unique backlinks your blog has earned.
Earning a few links from the different website will boost your rank and DA.
For this do Guest Posting on others blog and ask the blog owner to give a backlink to your blog or website.

3.Quality Content
This is the most talked-about thing in the blogging world.
Quality is King and Quality matters.

Whatever is your niche, work hard on it to get in-depth knowledge.
Write posts on topics which are well researched and your post should give some good knowledge or insight of that subject.

In the search engine when readers look for information on a particular topic and your blog has that, then your blog's rank will be higher than others.

4. Participate in Blog Trains, Blog Hops, Blogger's Challenge
Past two years I had participated in many blog trains and blog hops, that helps to bring good traffic to blog and eventually helps to improve blog's DA.

I had also participated in the first season of   Super Blogger Challenge in 2018.
It also brought lots of traffic to my blog and my blog's DA improved.

Now being a part of #MyFriendAlexa has improved my blog's DA as well as it's Alexa Rank :)

So being active on your blog and participating in Blogger's Challenge and Blog hops helps :)

5. Check all outgoing links in your blog. Remove broken links as it affects DA.

6. Check your blog's loading time. Blog's loading time should be less or else that also affects the blog's DA.

7. The blog should be mobile-friendly, should open easily on mobile with less loading time.

8. Don't be a Lone Wolf 
Be social if you are blogging as if one is not active on social media and doesn't share his/her posts everywhere, how would anyone know about posts and articles on the blog?

Share your posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
Be a part of post sharing groups on Facebook and Whatsapp.
These social media sites help to bring traffic to the blog.

One can even try to bring traffic from Quora by answering a few questions there and giving a link to their blog post written on a similar topic.

9. Ask your readers to do Email Subscription 
So whenever you are writing a new post, they will get a notification and the topic of your new post is of their interest they will surely check your blog post.

10. Do some Blog Giveaway's

I have done many blog giveaway in the past and it really helped to bring readers to blog.
Once here they do check other topics and post and read it.
It also helped to make genuine readers who visited my blog again and again to check new posts and giveaways :)

These are the ways we can improve our blog's DA and Alexa Rank.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.

I am taking my blog to the next level with  BlogChatter's  #MyFriendAlexa



Neha Jain said...

These are simple and effective tips to increase the DA.

aditi said...

Great tips! Every blogger should follow these to increase the visibility of their site.

Paresh Godhwani said...

I was shocked to see my DA recently. It had dropped immensely. Now I have a guide how to improve it. I will keep these things in mind.

Gurjeet chhabra said...

i am trying this tips, i will ask you for more help regarding blog.

Surbhi prapanna said...

these all are great tips and I am trying to follow most of them. though need to be more social active..thanks for sharing it. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

Priyal said...

Wow, this post is very helpful for me, do you guide me on how to know which is broken the link? I need to remove from my blog

Ruchi Mayank Verma said...

These tips are really helpful to all those who really want to increase their DA ...Thanks for sharing !!

Leha said...

These are all well explained tips, thank you!

Ghazala said...

Broken link means URL which doesn't takes anywhere to any site or blog.

Ghazala said...

Welcome dear

Jenifer said...

Very helpful tips to improve DA.
I follow almost of them.

Rajesh k said...

thanks a lot for useful tips. you said the guest post is a good way to improve DA. but how to approach any blogger, how to tell that I want to write a post on your blog, I mean how to find the blogger with the same niche

Rakhi Jayashankar said...

I used to often wonder as to how I should improvey blog DA. THANKS FOR SHARING

Unknown said...

Your tips are great. I am applying most of these tips and trying to improve my site's DA.

AmritKaur_Amy said...

Quality content and links play an important role in maintaining a good DA.

Srishti Rajeev said...

Thanks for these amazing tips, need of the hour for me

Anita Singh said...

Blogging me bhi kitni mehnat aur sochna padta hai, isliye mujhe aap sab per aur bhi proud hota hai ki ek sath kitne kaam karty ho 👍👍
Bloggers k liye ,spl budding bloggers k liye to bahut useful information hai 👏👏

Manisha said...

Manisha - These are some really helpful tips. You need to work yourself to boost your blog and stay connected.

Shreemayee said...

So clearly written tips. They are really helpful if one wants to grow their blog . Thanks for sharing.

Megha Saraf said...

I have been mia on blog for a long time. I am definitely going to follow all your tips.

A Lady Lawyer said...

These are all easy to follow and useful tips. I must start doing blog giveaways too.
Noor Anand Chawla

Sandy N Vyjay said...

If you are into serious blogging, you have to focus on improving and maintaining your domain authority. These are some useful tips on how this can be achieved. It is also important to be consistent in writing and publishing posts regularly.

Makeup N Me said...

These are some really helpful tips. I will surely follow them. This blog will help many of us.

Akanksha said...

These are all teally good tips to improve blog's Domain authority. I need to do some guest posts as well and participate in blog trains.

Siddhi said...

These are some sound and doable list. Will keep in mind. I am soon switching to self hosting.

Reubenna Dutta said...

My DA has dropped drastically of late. Will make sure to follow these points to gain my DA back on track.

Bushra said...

Improving blog DA is not an easy task. Thanks for sharing so many tips to impove blog health

Ishieta said...

Very good article easily explained things that we can do to improve our DA for our blogs.
That's a lot of social things to do.

AmritKaur_Amy said...

I shared the tips with my friend and she found it useful too.

Anukriti Malik said...

Thank you for the insightful article. Blog sharing and trains do help a lot to generate traffic on one's website.

Namrata said...

I have been looking for a solution and here I found many to improve the DA of my website.