Monday, 23 September 2019

Why Taking a Vacation is so Important

We all love going on a vacation. Especially kids. As for them, vacation means No school, No studies but only fun and enjoyment.
In this post, I will share my views on why taking a vacation is so important :)

Today's world is so hectic and everyone has a busy schedule.
Elders are busy with their profession and youngsters with their studies.
Even after staying in the same house it seems all are living in their own world with their own busy schedule and literally less family time.

On weekends people do spend some time together but usually, weekends are also busy with some or the other work.

Man is not a machine, we have feelings, emotions and we do get tired and need some way to recharge and rejuvenate.
We can not work like a machine, we need some break.
For that vacations are required, away from your house and away from daily chores and hectic routines.

For couples having school going kids, we need to plan according to their school vacations for others it could be any time of the year depending upon leave they can take from their workplace.

Once or twice in a year, we should go for a vacation with family.
It could be anywhere depending upon our budget, anywhere in India or an International Vacation.
A vacation need not be a month-long, one can plan it for a week or 10 days but it should be a good one.

We can go to cities where our relatives are there, this way we can meet them and have a short vacation or we can go to some hill stations in summer or beach cities during other seasons.

Vacations are a great way to teach your kids some real-life experiences and it also creates some happy memories which they will cherish for ever.

Benefits of taking a vacation

1. Vacation Boosts your Energy Reserve

One feels refreshed after coming from vacation.
It boasts one's energy levels and one feels good and better mentally and emotionally after a vacation.

2. Vacation Adventures Boost your Confidence

After coming back from an adventurous vacation one feels that one is more knowledgeable than others as have seen a different world, this helps to boosts one's confidence :)

3. Vacation helps to keep your mind calm

When on vacation, one is away from hectic daily routine and work pressure of their office or studies, so our mind is calm and heart is happy :)

4. Vacation helps to increase your patience level

When one is on vacation, one learns many things, especially patience as we know we have to wait long at railway stations, airports for check-in's, baggage claims, etc.
So one becomes a better person :)

5. Vacation helps us to respect people from other countries, races, religion as when we meet new people and learn about their lifestyles and culture we learn to respect humanity.

6. Vacations are an excellent way to teach new things to our kids.

What can not be taught by textbooks can be done via a vacation.
Taking your kids for a vacation to a new city to a country will make them learn a whole new set of things which is not possible by textbook reading.

7. Vacation is a family time, bonding with kids and other relatives.

8. Vacation helps to reduce stress and increase productivity.

I have seen my kids becoming very obedient and helpful when we are going for a vacation :)
They are ready to do anything I say so to help me in finishing chores and packing, this way we can make them learn many new works.

This list is too long, we can keep on thinking on the benefits of vacations we had :)
I am closing this here.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic in the comment section below.


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Anita Singh said...

Vacations sach me bahut jaruri hota hai, routine kaam karty huey sabhi bore n pareshan to ho hi jaatey hain break must hai

Ila Varma said...

Away from daily hustle-bustle and enjoying with loved ones totally rejuvenates us. Nice post.