Wednesday 30 October 2019

How Momspresso My Money is Helping Stay At Home Moms to Earn Money

Earning money is bit difficult for SAHM ( Stay at home moms ).
They do not get many options and not everyone is an expert in doing home tuitions or some sort of home business.
Now, most of the homemakers and new moms look for some sort of online job which they can do from home and make little money.
But all are not genuine, many are a fraud and they do not pay as they promise.
So it becomes more difficult to trust in such online job offers.

But Thankfully now in India, we have a trusted website which is helping thousands of moms to earn decent money from their home.


Momspresso is a Parenting website
A few months back they have launched their My Money App.
Where one can participate in various brand campaigns and earn money. 
This was for moms who want to earn something by doing work from home and get the feeling of being financially independent. 

One can check their website here : 

Steps to earn money from Momspresso My Money : 
1. Register at the Momspresso website. 
Fill in your details like your Age, kids' age, Email ID, City, Social links, etc.

2. Download Momspresso App from Google Playstore.

3. Browse campaigns available there and apply for ones you are eligible for.

4. Once selected you will receive a detailed email from Momspresso about the campaign like deliverables and about payment.

5. Complete the deliverables and update it on My Money Proof Section or via email you have received. 

6. Now relax and wait for your payment which is done in a maximum of 15 days. 

How good is that :) 

I registered at My Money some three months back and have participated in various campaigns from different brands.
I enjoyed participating in those campaigns and being a blogger it was a good exposure to me.

Payments are done on time and I am receiving payments on my Paytm account.
One can also opt for bank transfer.

So this is a good way for bloggers as well as SAHM to participate in various online campaigns and earn money. 
This is a kind of Work from home which many moms prefer to do. 
One gets a chance to try new launches, participate in campaigns from famous brands and be a part of social cause. 

So do check this website and its My Money App and start participating in campaigns. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this in the comment section below.



Anita Singh said...

Nice one 👍👍 maine bhi registration to kiya hai per jyada kuch kiya nahi
Let's see ki ab kuch kar saku
Actually mere liye language ka problem aata hai, english me thik se express nahi kar paati

Alia Dalwai said...

Is this only for SAHMs or can women who don't have children register too?


Ghazala said...

I think it's for Moms only, You can ask them on their social media pages like on Facebook or Instagram.

Pallavi Jain said...

Excellent opportunity for home based mothers...I'll too download this app and follow the things as you mentioned above...
Very informative blog..
It not only grows you but helping others to grow up well...
Thank you 😍😍😍

Akanksha said...

It is good to see that there are now such apps that give Stay at Home Mums an opportunity to earn some extra money. Thanks for sharing.

Makeup N Me said...

Thats a great opportunity for moms who stays at home. Will recommend this to my friends who don't work.

Sandy N Vyjay said...

This is a nice opportunity and avenue for income generation for Stay at home moms. A good initiative by Mompresso which is surely going to be of use to many.

Siddhi said...

I went through their website and I really liked this initiative by them. I will be signing up for some of the collabs soon

Paresh Godhwani said...

Mosmpresso is really good platform for the moms and this product from momspresso looks equally promising. Now stay at can make their identity with this.

A Lady Lawyer said...

Good to know about this useful new app for women to make some money from home. How much do you earn in a month from here?
Noor Anand Chawla

Jhilmil said...

Yes, Momspresso my money is one of the most authentic and great app for moms and women to make some money.

Esperanto Moumita said...

Great ! Good to know about this app. I am going to suggest this awsome-sauce app to all my newly mommy friends 😊

Amrita said...

I have seen the Momspresso app and it looks great.I just haven't started using it.Need to do that.

Neha Jain said...

This platform has changed the lives of many SAHMs and this app is a game changer. Momspresso has been doing really cool work.

Millennialsscribbler said...

I'm loving this feature from brand. brands can easily get connected with Bloggers for world related stuff- asfa


Momspresso mymoney is indeed a great way to learn. I am personally using it and I simply love it

bushra said...

Yeah Momspresso is one of those platforms which gives opportunities to woman to showcase their creativity

Preeti said...

Momspresso is really one of the best platform for mommies to earn money, I am very thankful to the app .

Mrinal said...

Earning money is really tough for SAHMs... I am glad momspresso is helping moms earn via this amazing app! Will share this with my mom friends!

AmritKaur_Amy said...

This app is good platform for moms to stay at home and earn with good campaigns. Is this app open for non-moms too?

Shub said...

There are lots of things you can do as a SAHM and this app seems to be a cool way to earn money for SAHM. Good going ...