Tuesday 3 December 2019

My Trust in Almighty Keeps Me Going

Life is not a bed of roses, it has thorns too and this proverb is so true and relatable.
We all have seen ups and down's in life. We had have tasted success and have seen failures too.
When we are successful, we are happy and life seems good but with struggles, failures, and heartbreaks we get depressed and lose hope in anything ( that's wrong ).

It changes as season changes, the day becomes night and vice versa.
So we need to stay strong during tough times.
I know at times it's difficult but we have to.

Like others, I have also tasted success and failure both ( In Professional life as well as in Personal life and relationships )
I have gone through acute depression and there were some situations which broke me from inside but by the grace of Almighty, I survived :)
I do not want to discuss my problems and pain but would like to share How I managed all :)


This is with me from a very young age, the age when I was not knowing much about religion or any other thing. From that time, I strongly believed that Allah is always with me and He will take care of everything, I just need to do my work and pray ( pray for whatever I want ).

And My Trust in Almighty Allah keeps me going in any situation ( good or bad )
When I am happy, I thank Allah for all His blessings :)
Success never made me mad.

When I have gone through tough times, I took it as a challenge of my life, which helped me to be stronger and taught me a few lessons of life.
I survived because of my faith in almighty that He will take care of everything and things will be better and the situation will change and with the passage of time, everything will fall in place.

I believe in working hard and believe in working to keep myself busy and engaged and not wasting my time thinking about bad memories and bad people.

We have a bad habit of recalling bad memories which becomes toxic and we feel suffocated, better LET IT GO.
( Let it go what's bothering you )

Let it go for our own benefit.

As we cleanse our bodies, we also need to cleanse our minds and heart.
FORGET & FORGIVE actually helps a lot.

We can take it in this way as We are responsible for our deeds not for others.
So if someone is doing bad with us, it's their KARMA, not ours.
And believe me KARMA RETURNS :)

If you do good with others, Universe will return it to you in a beautiful way ( That's Almighty's Blessing )

Similarly, the ones who are doing bad with others will get it back in some way or another.
So we should stop thinking about all those negative stuff and focus on all the good things in our lives.

I think this way and keep myself busy with my work.
Try to spread positivity and smile everywhere :)
( As I know this will return in a good way )

This is my way of handling any situation in my life and this is what I have taught to my kids :)

So my dear Readers & Friends
Be Happy
Be Strong
Do Good with others
Stop Overthinking
Enjoy small moments of your life

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your view in the comments section below.

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Anita Singh said...

God per trust bahut jaruri hai, hume hamesha unka thankful rehna chaiye, unki wajah se hi hume ye life mili hai ����

Pr@Gun said...

Well said, we need to have faith in that one superpower ruling this Earth.

Pashmeena said...

True..Trust in the almighty keeps us going..

Alpana said...

Yes, whatever he has created is good and he knows what is god for us. If we have trust and confidence in our sincere efforts then he will do everything to make it happen.

Geethica said...

I always find a common thought between us and that is the belief in God. You said it correctly that we should forgive and move ahead else we are also stuck around the same issue that makes us toxic.

Surbhi prapanna said...

Yes I also think the same way as you do. trust in god is one of the strong factor that help us in keep going.

Monika said...

You are very right . Almighty is keeping lekha-jokha of each and everything . Trust the supreme power , pray , meditate and believe that everything happens for something good . And yes and you said karma returns .

"Anny" The Anurag said...

God is inside us faith on yourself is the faith om him

Love yourself

Pashmeena said...

True..Trust in the almighty keeps us going..Create positive karma for a bright future..

Amrita said...

Karma is for all our lifetimes.So it makes sense to always be goof.Faith is sttength.

Anjali Naik said...

Well said. Almighty is definitely the balance maker in our lives who keeps a record of Karma and give us the strength and power to move forward in our life.

A Lady Lawyer said...
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A Lady Lawyer said...

I completely agree with you. I too believe in remaining positive and keeping faith in a higher power, through any adversity of life. It really helps.
Noor Anand Chawla

Supriti said...

Faith in almighty can give u the biggest strength, gives u the courage to sail through life.. and yes we should remember him in good times too.. And thank him for every blessing he has bestowed on us. :)

Unknown said...

God trust is so important,this is so true,love the post so well written😊

Sandy N Vyjay said...

Life has its ups and downs, twists and turns. Things will not always go they way we want. But trusting in a supreme power, known by whatever name is the way to negotiate life.

Makeup N Me said...

That's a very positive post. I agree nothing is permanent everything changes and we all should be positive.

Asfa said...

Such a beautiful post, indeed almighty help is what we need ..to sustain....asfa

AmritKaur_Amy said...

All of us should have faith in God. god is always with each one of us and shows us right path to follow in life.

Siddhi said...

I always have faith in my Guru. God, almighty, allah, same name to many forms. And wonderful article. It resonates wigh me

rohini said...

This is how I believe God works too
"If you do good with others, Universe will return it to you in a beautiful way"

Shub said...

I'm a firm believer in God and I can so relate to you. once your take the God as your partner things are going to be pretty easy

Cindy D'Silva said...

It is indeed very important to trust in God. I believe!