Tuesday 16 June 2020

Quarantine The New Normal

It was December 2019 when Covid19 started in China, We started reading about it from January 2020. Till that time we were not thinking that it will become a Pandemic and would change our lives.
Initially, I too thought that it would be controlled and there is nothing much to worry but with the passage of time things changed and whatever happened was not imagined as the wildest dream ever.

The fear, anxiety, uncertainty were enough to make anyone feel low and depressed.
I too felt depressed initially but then understood that "This is the Situation now "
This is "The New Normal " and now we have to mentally prepare ourselves to handle this situation and keep ourselves happy in this tough time.

I would like to thank Mayank for introducing me to this blog train.
Sharing my experiences in this quarantine period.

The thing that affected our day to day life :

1. Controlling kids screen time
Kids stay at home during vacation but suddenly schools getting closed and kids at home with a situation that we can not allow them to go out to play or allow them to visit anyone's house is a difficult task for parents ( especially when you have small kids at home )
To keep them engaged and also to control their screen time was not easy.
Like other moms, I tried my best to do that

* Asked them to help me a bit in daily chores
* Asked them to do some activities like DIY's, Paintings, etc
* Asked them to study Arabic in their free time

Still, it's not easy as they feel bored and want to go out.

2. Absence of  Maid
I know for ones who are staying abroad not having a maid is not a big thing but here in India, we have the facility of getting a maid to help us in daily chores.
When the lockdown was declared I gave a paid leave to my maid like others and now doing everything myself ( Which made me more exhausted than before) Especially during the Summer Vacation time which is meant to relax.
 Initially, this made me too upset but again understanding the situation it's Okay :)

3. Not being able to go out

I never thought that there would be a Time where going out will be so difficult but this happened.
I am missing my Morning Walks ( Something which I am missing badly )
Though I see many are doing during the lockdown period also, I didn't.

Then going out to a Superstore to do basic grocery shopping will be so difficult as one needs to stand in a queue for a long then back home sanitize everything.

Now ordering everything online as that's easier.

4.Visiting Relatives and Friends place

Visiting relatives or friends' houses during weekends was a normal thing but not now.
Especially when we didn't go anywhere this Eid, it looked so bad ( But again this is the New Normal)
Connecting via Whatsapp or Video calls is Okay but once gets tired of spending so much time of net and it cannot give that feeling when you meet someone in person.

5. Tight Financial Situation 
Many have lost their jobs, some are not getting Salary, huge loss to business owners.
This is a tough time for all. People are careful in their expenditure and want to save money.
But think of the ones who are not able to get three meals a day.
So we need to offer and help such who are in need.

These are the normal Challenges which everyone is facing.
It's affecting mental health also as people getting bored, depressed.

But on a bigger scale, I Thank Almighty for all the Blessing we have.

This Pandemic Situation and Quarantine period also taught us many good things :)

1. Value What we have 

Having a house, getting three meals a day, and being with your family is a blessing from Almighty.

News of migrant laborers made us cry.
People dying of hunger, dying while trying to reach their native.
That made all of us realize the importance of what we have.
Importance of food we are getting, the importance of our Jobs, House, Savings.

We are lucky to have all these.

2. Humanity 

We have seen many individuals and organizations, NGO's helping the poor and needy.
Ration kits being distributed to needy ones.
People like Sonu Sood doing a fabulous job of helping migrant laborers to reach their home.

Insaniyat Abhi Zinda hai Khatam nahi hui 

( Humanity is still alive )

3. Evolving as a better person

It's said that trials and challenges make you stronger and it's true.
We have emerged as a better person now :)

* No wastage of food or any other resources.
* Value life and Value all your blessings.
* More considerate towards others.
* No fancy shopping or wasting money on unnecessary things.
* No hue and cry over small things ( there are bigger issues in life )

4. More Health Conscious 

Past two months we all are used to have a home-cooked meal
That's good in many ways :)
We are eating healthy now and many have upgraded their cooking skills :)
( Economical on the pocket too )

We are taking more care of our health to improve our immunity and be healthy.
This is something which was needed badly as because of our hectic lifestyle and habit of eating outside frequently it was missed.

5. Family Members staying together and working together

We have heard and read a concept of  #ShareTheLoad 
but that was not followed in all households.
Thankfully because of this quarantine now it is getting implemented.
Whereas we can see husband's and kids also doing daily chores :)
I could not stop my laughter when I saw many Influencers posting Videos and Pics of their husbands doing household chores on social media especially Instagram :)

At my home now hubby helping me in Kitchen and kids doing baking :)

And there was a mad race of a hectic lifestyle
Now couples do have time to spend with each other.
Parents can spend quality time with their kids :)

Moral Learned :
Stay positive
Take care of yourself and your Near & Dear ones
Help the ones you are able to help especially poor and needy
Pray so that things get normal

Till things get back to normal  Stay at Home and Stay Safe.
When outside use Mask & Sanitizer.

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Hope you all liked this post :)

I am writing this post as a part of  Blog Train initiated by Blogger Ila Verma  to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #PandemicLockdown2020

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I hope you all liked this post.
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Abhijit said...

You touched many important points that each and everyone of us have faced during lockdown. For me not having a maid was difficult experience. Kids have grown up. But they were immersed in their own world. I missed going to movies and eating out, once in a while. Though there were web series. But not the same experience as going to a theatre. Pandemic has changed the way we deal with people and sorroundings. I am sure this will continue till we get an effective vaccine.

Anita Singh said...

Actually is lockdown ki wajah se bahut low feel hota hai, infact kuch kaam karne me interest hi nahi aa raha, dimag me kuch na kuch chalta hai, main to in pandemic me aur akele ho gai, ph ya video call kitna sahara denge...bas jaldi sab thik ho to main bhi thoda ghar se niklu, baccho ko apne paas bulau

Pr@Gun said...

A great post covering all aspects we faced and learned in this pandemic lockdown 2020.
Kids, maids, finance, staying insides, homecooked meals, Yes, we learned to adjust and survived it every single day. It was not easy but glad we all tried and found ways to adjust to this new normal. I agree with your point that we evolved as a better person became more conscious too.

Surbhi prapanna said...

Yes this pandemic s tough time and we all are feeling low due to lack of social life. I m glad you had mentioned positive of this hard situation, feel help us to stay positive.

Paresh Godhwani said...

Yes, we have gone through all the scenarios you mentioned but finally there is a good news. Glenmark has launched a tablet for corona virus which will be out in a week's time. Hopefully it will help to get back to old normal.

Gurjeet chhabra said...

I am still struggling to reduce screentime. Yes, i ask for house chore help and do diy still they get time to watch screen and I have to do housechore. its difficult to manage.

Unknown said...

Many things have changed from last 3 months the priority, the duties at home, way of handling the kids, managing without a maid, without outing and so on, even I was initially depressed about this sudden change but once the acceptance of New Normal is done everything flows smoothly, I loved the way you have mentioned all the positive turns that this Pandemic has brought for us.

Archana Srivastava

A Lady Lawyer said...

Nice post Ghazala. You have summarised all of our experiences during this pandemic lockdown so well in this post.
Noor Anand Chawla

Shreemayee said...

Well written Ghazala. You have covered everything from the day it's started to the present situation. What I like the most is the positive attitude you have ended up with.

Judy said...

Yes actually the present situation has been tough yet given us chance to introspect many things. I am counting my blessings and I am thankful to God for the same too.

Unknown said...

You have covered many of the important points. Loved your post. Very positively ended. We all are facing very tought time these days, but we have to be strong anyways. Great post overall

Ekta shah said...

Oh yes! YOU've covered everything. we did the same thing:) Thanks for the flash back

Neha Sharma said...

You have very well covered all the problems we faced during the pandemic and how we worked together with our families to bring out the positives. Lovely post.

Rajeev Moothedath said...

This is such a positive post- Issues to which anyone can relate and some good tips to stay positive. Kudos and best wishes!