Thursday 11 June 2020

Share The Load To Bond With Your Loved Ones

Past two and a half months we all are at home because of  Lockdown and this Self Quarantine has changed our lives.
Not being able to go out, not having any outing, and lots of other issues and problems.
Every adverse situation has something to teach us, it makes us stronger and wiser.
Same in this quarantine situation.
All at home ( hubby and kids) and maids are given leaves, so the work pressure and responsibility of Moms & Homemakers have increased many folds.

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At my home, I gave paid leave to my maid long back when the first lockdown was declared.
Than mentally prepared myself that now I have to do everything. Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, etc.

These all are time-consuming works which make one exhausted.
But no other option.

Within a week I felt sick and tired.
Then hubby said Lets Divide the work, It's not good that you should everything.
Then he made few rules for kids :)
That they need to help me with daily chores, either cleaning the house or arranging the table for meals, Cleaning & arranging their wardrobes, etc.
Work was divided and I felt happy that now all are behaving responsibly.

Hubby doing his laundry himself.
Then on weekends, he cooks something for the family, either lunch or some sweet dishes.

So this all came as a sweet surprise to me that now all are taking part in daily chores and more important behaving responsibly.
Not leaving everything for Mom or Maid as earlier it was.

In fact, my kids started trying new recipes and they are good at baking now.
They have learned to bake cakes & cookies.

Then gradually they also started preparing their breakfasts.
A simple menu like Bread Omelet or Pancakes are regular at my house now :)

My birthday was in April.
Since this time it was not possible to go out, my kids planned a simple birthday party at home.
They told a day before that Mama tomorrow you won't work, we will do everything :)
Next morning when I woke up was surprised to see that my Son has prepared my breakfast :)
A simple bread omelet ( heart-shaped omelet ) with a note :)

That made me feel so happy and proud.
That now my son can also cook and he is so concerned that Mama should take rest on her birthday and should not work so much as she usually does :)

Later on, my daughters baked a cake for me and presented it to me with a hand made card.
This will be a memorable birthday for me.

Now when I am not well, I am not tensed about daily chores and meals, I know hubby and kids will manage :)
( This is a relaxing thing for a busy mom like me )

My Son even prepares Tea for me :)

Staying together, Working together, Cooking together has helped to have quality family time.
Something which was missing because of our hectic schedules.

Now we are able to spend quality time together.
So this quarantine time has taught us to be more responsible and value all we have.

When the workload is shared by all family members, bonding increases.
So by sharing the load we multiply the love :)

Ariel India had initiated this #ShareTheLoad Campaign long back
wherein male members of the family were asked to share the workload at home.
Helping females in daily chores.
And doing laundry is not rocket science in the era when we have the facility of using a Washing Machine.
Even kids can do it.
I have asked my kids to do their laundry themselves.

One can watch this lovely video from Ariel


My Husband & Son are now sharing my load :)
From them
I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and  Blog Adda 

I hope you all liked this post.
Do share your views on this and also tell me your story of sharing the load at your home :)



Pallavi Jain said...

So much love and warmness in your post..I really feel so proud for such spouses who never leave their soulmates in a lure..
Whatever critical situation happens,if your family is with you, then nothing is impossible..
Hats off to your family who loves you so much.. truly it's a family..

Sharing is caring..
Only words not matter... matter is care, love , honesty,communication and trust who built itself without taking extra efforts..

Really amazing blog written by you dear...God bless you and your family too..

Anita Singh said...

Sabse pehle sorry n belated Happy Birthday 💐💐🎂🎂
Baccho ne Accha surprise diya 👍👍
Hope aapki tabiyat ab thik hogi
Husband ne accha decision liya aur workload divide kiya 👍👍
Hum to abhi dono hi hain to husband kuch kaam me help kar dete hai, jaise bartan saaf karna, khana unke bas ki baat nahi hai )
Machine me kapde dhona, sukhana, fold n iron karna , ghar ki safai me bhi help kar dete hain 😊

Ghazala said...

Thank you aunti ji :)

Sandy N Vyjay said...

One of the few good things that the pandemic has fostered is sharing of loads in families. Hope this continues beyond the pandemic and becomes an integral part of our social fibre.

Paresh Godhwani said...

I remember writing for this campaign. Ariel came up with a great initiative to beat the stereotype culture. Loved your story.

Siddhi said...

Loved reading this post. It is so important to understand this that house isn't just women's domain. Everyone is equally responsible for it. Ariel's initiative is applaud worthy.

Jayanthi said...

It is nice to see your family helping in daily chores...if kids are decently grown, they can do age appropriate things to help mom..nice post!