Thursday 27 August 2020

Why Hemp Mask is Better than other Fibres

 Hemp is a sustainable, environmentally friendly crop.

It's better than cotton and other fabrics. 

With the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, Mask is a must when we go out.

Listing some reasons why Hemp masks are better than normal cotton masks.

1. Hemp is an organic product

It's a sustainable crop and doesn't require any pesticides to grow.

It requires less water than other crops.

2. Hemp is naturally resistant to microbes

The irregular hollow core of hemp fabric gives it anti-microbial properties.

It's naturally resistant to mould, mildews 

3. Hemp is Bio-Degradable

Hemp masks are biodegradable and do not add to pollution.

One can wash and use it again and again.

4. Hemp masks are durable 

Hemp is one of the strongest naturally occurring fibers on earth.

Hemp fiber is stronger and softer than cotton.

It's washable and reusable.

5. Hemp can block Ultra Violet rays

Hemp has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays due to their chemical composition.

This makes hemp mask the perfect choice for summer and for a tropical climate like ours.

I am using some Hemp Masks which I received from Hemp Foundation based in Uttrakhand.

These masks are good, have a perfect fit, and are reusable & breathable. 

These are double layered mask, so gives more protection than ordinary masks. 

Available in different colors, these masks look good :) 

To Clean the mask one needs to wash them with detergent and make them dry in the sun or can be washed in hot water to disinfect completely.

One can buy these Hemp masks online through their website.
One can check their Instagram page here: Hemp Mask 

Also can check their Facebook here: FB Page 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.