Wednesday 30 September 2020

How To Increase Followers & Engagement on Instagram

 Hello friends 

Hope you all doing well. A technical post after a long time :) 

In today's post, I will share my Tips to increase followers & engagement on Instagram.

Things that worked for me. 

Apart from blogging, Social media Influencing has picked up well, in fact, now we see more requirements for Social media posts than blog posts. 

The number of Social Media Influencers are more than bloggers.

So it is too important to know how to grow organically on these social media platforms. 

Especially Instagram as most of the collaborations requirements are on Instagram.

Ways to increase Real followers & Engagement on Instagram:

1. Optimize Your Instagram Account 

This is the basic step of starting an Instagram Page.

Consider your Instagram Bio as your HomePage.

Introduce yourself there :) 

A link to your blog or Youtube channel can be added there.

This will help to drive traffic to your site or channel.

2. Quality Content 

The thumb rule of the blogging world is CONTENT IS KING 

and it's true.

Quality Content is something everyone is looking for.

People love to see quality content which is informative.

So try to create quality content as per your niche.

Excellent Images, Informative Posts, Funny Video's or Reels are in demand. 

Once people will like your content they will surely follow your page.

This is one of the best ways to get real & organic followers. 

3. Loops 

There are many loop pages on Instagram, both Indian & International.

One needs to follow the page and participate in weekly or monthly loops.

There one needs to follow other Instagrammers and they follow back, so basically it is follow for follow. 

You get real followers but at the same time need to follow others.

This might not work for some but for beginners who want to increase their follower, can try :) 

4. Giveaways 

Who doesn't loves to win, Win cash prizes, brand gifts, makeup, etc?

So giveaways always help to attract the audience and bring followers.

It's tried and tested one.

I have done several giveaways and it brought new followers to my account.

This way your content is then visible to a new audience and if they like your content they will follow and stay.

5. Ask your friends to do story shout outs, you can do the same for them.

This way your content will reach a different set of audiences. 

6. Do regular stories 

Doing regular stories help to reach more people.

It could be about your posts or shopping experiences, any new recipes or even unboxing video's, etc.

7.  Using Proper Hashtags 

Using proper hashtags is so important on Instagram.

It helps to reach the right audience. 

Helps to reach your post to similar content from there others can see your posts or stories. 

8. Avoid Fake Followers 

There were many pages on Instagram where buying fake followers or Bots was easy and not so expensive. Many Influencers have purchased fake followers to increase their number but in the long run, it's a waste.

Reason: These fake followers do not engage in your content thus engagement rate decreases, and eventually they unfollow and your content is not reaching the right audience. 

So try to avoid such and try to increase your followers organically.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

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Anita Singh said...

Thanks for tips ...much needed one...I too want to increase my followers will help me a lot

Cooking_lover_nishtha said...

Wow this is amazing tips u share ..happy to read

Deepa said...

These are all relevant points regarding Instagram and followers. Its important to grow organically as you said.

Pallavi Jain said...

Very amazing tips for increase the the points n definitely do give a try on these..
Noted dear..
Thank you so much for wonderful tips..

Jhilmil said...

These are some great tips to attain growth on Instagram.

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Thanks for this. I've never had a huge Instagram followers count and always wondered what can be done to increase it.

Jenifer said...

That’s a useful post & points to be followed to have organic Insta growth.

Rashi Roy said...

Nice tips and this post would be useful for instagramers who are keen to grow the right way.

Aim the Peak said...

Thanks for such an informative post.

Dipali Bhasin said...

This is an informative post and I was unaware of loops on Instagram. However, with a giveaway, I noticed that the followers came but left as soon as the giveaway date ended. I felt disappointed thereafter. Thanks for all your pointers. Will make note of them.

A Hundred Quills said...

You are right. The number of influencers is on a rise. I have several friends who are influencers. Will share your tips with them.
Sonia from

Pr@Gun said...

Informative post and tips. After opening an account it's a struggle to increase followers.
All pointers are good to follow and it's always good to follow an organic path.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great tips! I've found loops don't really result in followers who are actually interested in your content. I haven't tried a giveaway, but maybe I will give that a try soon!

Deliciously Alive said...

A wonderful guide to increasing Insta followers. I agree with you when you say stories help, as they most definitely do.

Ritu said...

Great tips. At the end of the day, it is about content and consistency. Loops don't really work. Organic always works best.

Felicia said...

Thanks for the helpful tips.

Backpack & Explore said...

hmm.. will give instagram another try using these tips.

Cook with sweetannu said...

Woopie..Guess I am on the right track on Instagram. And yes, content is king...

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu said...

I am still struggling with Instagram. Thanks for the tips, it will help me now!!

Manas "Sameer" Mukul said...

Most of the bloggers have to take care of their own marketing. These are some really wonderful pointers. With Instagram getting the most amount of engagement of all the platforms it becomes even more imp that we master it too. Nice one.

#MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

Varsh said...

Good tips! I've found the loops on Instagram a good way to get followers too. Stories and reels have a good reach as well.

Aura Of Thoughts said...

These are very good tips, shall invest in Giveaways religiously. And glad that we are creating unique content. Does video posts fo well than static one ?

GB said...

Thanks for the tips. Im taking a break from Instagram right now, but loops and giveaways have helped me in the past.

Srikanth said...

Nice tips... thanks for sharing, Instagram is a tough nut to crack, will try a few points shared by you..

Samarpita Sharma said...

great tips! i am still struggling with instagram, will try these out

Ranjini said...

All the right tips. Posting consistently is so important and I've been flaking in that!

Amrita said...

Oh Instagram is so intriguing. Everyone seems to have more than twenty five thousand followers.In real life that's serious money

Sayali said...

Valuable tips for sure. IG is still something of a mystery to me, so these should help. Thanks

Upasna said...

I would need it for my Comeback Minimalist podcast account. Thanks for sharing. They are simple but useful

Arti_amidst berries of life said...

thanks for sharing

Delicious Recipes said...

Thanks for sharing these tips, especially when I'm trying to grow my start-up digital services agency on Instagram. It's very helpful.

Lancelot Quadras said...

Hey, this is amazing ya. I am working on such a blog post too.
With these tips, one can work and improve their Instagram game!

jiths said...

The point about Loops and engagement group sounds interesting. Do you know how to find them?

Ghazala said...

You can search by name Mega Loops or Indian loops, there are many such pages on Instagram.

Suchita said...

This is the first time I'm hearing of loops. I have heard stories do help with engagement on Instagram. Thanks for the tips!

Life and it's tales | Vidhya Thakkar said...

This is so true!!! An informative post

my space said...

Great Tips. Whats a loop ? I seem to have hit a roadblock on insta..

The mommy blogger said...

Nice tips. Giveaways and loops yield different results every time.

- Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

Nitisha Mathur said...

Aptly summarized useful points to increase Instagram engagement, Ghazala.

A Lady Lawyer said...

These are all good pointers that most serious Instagrammers follow. Unfortunately, the struggle to gain high numbers of organic followers is still there! Hopefully things will change soon!

Lavanya said...

Most instagrammers follow these rules. I think content is key.

Doctormommyspeaks said...

You answered the most coveted question of this year in such a simple manner. Its very difficult to grow on instagram especially organically but if you give your self time and do things consistently your sure to hit the jackpot