Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Declutter Your Mind and Space

 The dictionary meaning of Declutter is " To Remove Unnecessary items

In this post, I will briefly explain how to declutter your mind and space and why is it so necessary. 

First, let's talk about decluttering space.

Most of us are a shopaholic and we buy so many stuff which is sometimes not needed.

But still, we buy 

* As it was on discount 

* It was too good 

* latest trend or in fashion etc 

We end up filling our homes with so many things and stuff which actually we don't need and we won't use much. 

It's said that if you have not used a dress or a product for the past 6 months to a year means you actually don't need it. In that case, it's better to dispose of it, give it to someone else who can use and utilize it. 

Especially clothes or apparel.

I am sure all of us have wardrobes full of clothes many of which are not used regularly.

Similarly makeup and accessories, we have abundant of it and not to forget footwear.

All this makes our home filled with stuff.

To Properly dispose of these stuff: 

* Share with your siblings or cousins if they are Okay with accepting those.

My younger sister asked me to keep books & toys of my kids so that her kids can use those.

I happily gifted all those toys to her as those were expensive ones with lots of lovely memories.

Now my nephews are playing with those toys.

* Donate to poor 

I regularly donate my old clothes, utensils, and even old furniture ( which we are not using ) to my maid and her family, so that they can use those, and that makes lots of space at my home.

We can donate stuff which we are not using to the poor so that they also get something good and it's Charity :) 

* Donate to Orphanage

In every city, there are orphanage and slum areas where we can easily donate clothes, toys, books, etc.

Things that are not being used in our home can be useful for someone else. 

So this way we can declutter our space and make some space.

Now about decluttering our mind :) 

We all are great Thinkers :) 

We think and think, sometimes useful and most of the time useless stuff.

Overthinking can cause stress and makes us exhausted. Then we also feel tired and sick.

So it is so important and necessary to declutter our minds also like our space at home.

We think about the Past, Present & future.

* Past 

We keep on thinking about what happened in past, especially the negative ones or the bad experiences.

It replays in our minds again and again. Then either we feel sad or depressed or get irritated over small things.

I wish it was possible to erase some bad memories and experiences but sadly that's not possible.

We can't erase a particular memory, what best we can do is Divert our Mind when such thoughts come.

We cannot change what happened in past, difficult to forget also.

The best is Learn from your past mistakes. And stop thinking much about what already happened and can not be changed now.

* Future 

I have seen many planning a lot about the future.

Worrying so much about kid's higher education, marriage, etc.

In my opinion, we should not plan much and worry much.

We never know what's going to happen next so no point in worrying so much.

As a parent, we do our best and then pray.

Overthinking or overplanning is not good.

Worrying so much will not let you live your present peacefully.

* Present 

In day to day life also we overthink. Especially ladies :) 

We can be awarded as best thinkers or super planners :)

To some extent it's Okay but again excess of it is bad.

There are so many thoughts running simultaneously in a home maker's mind 

* Menus 

* Grocery shopping

* Kids 

* Kids education 

* Kids diet 

* Hubby & his mood 

* In-laws & guests 

* Own profession 

* Mom's house

* Shopping & sales 

The list is long :) 

Dear Sisters relax 

Take a deep breath 

The world is not going to end today 

We have time 

We will conquer each one by one :) 

 Buy a few good diaries and planners,

Write there about what you have planned for a week.

Brain dump everything there and relax.

I do so, have plenty of diaries.

Write everything there, starting from grocery needs to pending assignments.

Check it daily and finish your work one by one.

This way we can be more organized and less stressed.

As we all know stress is so bad for health.

So by thinking less and being organized we can declutter our mind.

If possible forgive some and forget some 

( Will make your life better & easier ) 

Think that you are doing this for your benefit, for your peace of mind.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

Do share your views in the comment section below.

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Anita Singh said...

100% sahi bola aapne, main bhi abhi yehi sab kar rahi hu, thoda stressful kaam hai per bahut shanti bhi mil rahi hai
Aapke diye ideas ko hamesha use karne ki koshish rahegi
Thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Bahut badhiya likhe ho aap...especially donation ka part...mujhe bahut achcha laga. Thank you for this wonderful post.

Radhika Acharya said...

Awesome post about decluttering both mind and home.
Loved the concept of maintaining a diary and noting down points and thus declutter our mind. Have to consciously follow these tips for peaceful and clear mind and home.

Pratikshya said...

Decluttering is best done when written.. I too jot things down when bogged by various thoughts.

Cindy D'Silva said...

i like the tips on decluttering our minds more than the house hehehe. lovely write up and amazing thinking woman!

Surbhi prapanna said...

These are really great tips dear and along with other things decluttering mind is very important. Negative thoughts and stress is something that need to manage effectively for a good mental health.

Manisha said...

Manisha - Decluttering is therapeutic for me. I am just about to start the process at my home too. your tips would be helpful.

Pallavi Jain said...

Stunning tips and tricks.. coz now a days life becomes so struggling and coz of judgemental pplz and other factors makes life so hasty n stressful..
Will definitely try to keep all points in mind

Puspanjalee said...

Useful tips for me. Thank you for sharing

Suchita said...

Loved the point you made on decluttering the mind - we often forget that's the most important part to declutter!

Doctormommyspeaks said...

I am a planner. This thinking and ober thingking gets to me every single day and its usually work related stuff. I cannot live without my planner so much so that i'd be lost.

Vashi said...

This was a post i needed to read today... declutter of home & heart .beautiful read.

jayshree bhagat said...

Mind decluttering is the most important things to live a happy and relaxed life

Neha Tambe said...

I liked your view about past- present and future. Just the realization that you can't change the past can give you power to look ahead

Shreemayee said...

That's a nice write up. All the tips to declutter space and even our mind is just the right ones. Yes, to "forget and forgive" is the best way to be happy and smiling.

Unknown said...

Declutter is an essential process of life whether its home or mind to let the free space for fresh or we can say more useful one. well quoted pointers.

Archana Srivastava

Ashvini Naik said...

Agree with most of your points, Ghazala. And it's true that journalling our thoughts helps like nothing else. It's therapeutic indeed.

Srishti Rajeev said...

A good plan to dispose and discard or donate to the right people, makes a big change.

Mrinal said...

Decluttering always helps... I too want to organize my space and cleanse my mind.. Very helpful post!

Nidhi KM said...

Indeed de cluttering helps both space and mind. It definitely offloads a lot of burden fro both. Brings in a lot of positive energy and air. I echo your thoughts totally. Another great option is to visit an Andh Maha Vidyalaya

Preetjyot said...

Decluttering helps us make room for new and better thoughts and things in life. I really liked the tips you have shared here. Something that all must implement.

Tina Basu said...

I am on a decluttering spree these days. It's good to giveaway t the unfortunate than keeping in your cupboards!

Siddhi said...

Decluttering is a must but Roz ki bhagdaud mei ham declutter Karna bhul jate hai ya phir mostly we keep on holding to the things that don't serve any purpose any more. Thank you for this post it's a reminder for all of us

Sandy N Vyjay said...

Declutering is a must periodically, both in the physical and menntal plane. As far as the mind is concerned,one should let go the past and also not unduly worry about the future.

Snigdha Prusti said...

You are right, we have to declutter our mind before the house . Very nice write up.

Gunjan( said...

Absolutely right, decluttering mind and space are equally important. I too personally love giving it to cousins or donating things to maids or orphanage. Something we don't need can be so needful to many. Great post

Humaira said...

Absolutely, Decluttering our mind and spaces helps us feel calmer and allows more space for the relationships and experiences true joy. Great thoughts.

Aseem said...

While both are important, I guess sometimes it takes quite a lot to declutter ones mind. Great tips though :).

Vaishali Sudan Sharma said...

You are absolutely right about decluttering your space. I have a personal experience, the declutteration help us to be more calmer and good thinker. We gain power to managed things effectively. Our space has direct connection with our thoughts and mind. Thats why if we declutter space, simultaneously our mind becomes active.

Shubhada Bhide said...

What a wonderful article I have always believed that decluttering your space somehow leads to decluttering your mind too

Judy said...

I can surely relate to what you said. Until few years before I used to just accumulate but there came a point in my life that I realised that decluttering is the only way out and more so if done responsibly. Say like donating old stuff to orphanage or needy people.

Anecdotes of Mom Life said...

We all focus on decluttering our homes but our minds need it to. To let go off negativity and past is a very good step. A thought provoking post.

Ishieta said...

lovely article. decluttering our mind is so important, as is decluttering our space. i find tidying up also has a good effect on my mind.