Sunday 11 October 2020

Do Electronic Medical records (EMR) help in better approach towards treatment

It's always a debate on how to process the information better and faster in this digital world.

 Similarly, it is applicable to medical data. There has been always a need for medical information to travel faster with integration from different departments so that a doctor may see the patient as one.

 Not examine the patient and simultaneously examine his reports. 

The second scenario is that if the patient is abroad or out of home, he may not carry his records every time.

 In such a scenario, if an emergency strikes, how will doctors access the medical records and past medical history of the patient? In such cases, the medical records who are globally accessible with a username and password are the savior. 

Let’s see how EMR's can help us in our day to day life?

1. A better-informed doctor and Physician:

The EMR innovation gives healthcare providers data in designs that were unrealistic with paper diagrams.

 Essential consideration suppliers would now be able to view and print charts of qualities, for example, weight, cholesterol levels, and pulse following changes after some time. The EMR improves achievement of persistent ailment the executives, avoidance, and screening focuses, as appeared in contemplates that showed improved quality measures. 

Electronic clinical records can give treatment objectives or cautions to remind suppliers when certain counteraction and screening moves are expected or outdated. The EMR additionally gives admittance to data and assets that guide essential consideration suppliers to the best way to deal with the different conditions they experience by and by.

 With improved data to research facility information, there is a decrease in duplication and costs.

 Disease results can be improved, as appeared by a randomized clinical preliminary of several practices that exhibited a decrease in circulatory strain in patients with hypertension who got screening for and counsel on high-hazard drinking, liquor misuse, or liquor reliance through an EMR intercession.

 With meaningful and better-executed use, including standard and consistent data entry in specified fields, the EMR data provide the physician with valuable practice-level information. For example, it is easy with a constant entry in a specific population simple information can be used for practice-level such as identifying patients who have not received pap-smear or PSA check in the Indian population. 

2. Better inter-relationships 

The EMR improves correspondence and connections between family doctors and their multidisciplinary colleagues.

 Diagram rundowns, clinical notes, and meeting letter layouts furnish advisors and different colleagues with clear, organized data. The remedies are in a reasonable and organized configuration, which lessens clinical blunders in endorsing. Electronic clinical records encourage demands and errand tasks to different colleagues. Booking plans are effortlessly gotten to by clinical staff, clinicians, and, at times, patients who may have the option to book arrangements distantly. Electronic clinical records may likewise improve correspondence with patients using understanding entries and individual wellbeing records, which all the more viably draw in patients in dealing with their own consideration.

3. Better Workflow

The impact of EMRs on the work lives of family doctors has been positive, as shown by doctors to a great extent the ideal impression of EMRs. In spite of the fact that the execution of an EMR can prompt an emotional sentiment of expanded time prerequisites by family doctors, considers have discovered that usage doesn't bring about a huge diminishing in persistent access or lost billings. Notwithstanding, regardless of these insufficiencies, examines are developing that exhibit various advantages of the EMR. 

The EMR permits clinicians to see a bigger number of patients through better admittance to thorough patient accounts that incorporate clinical information, which may assist doctors with investing less energy looking for results and reports. The apparent advantages incorporate distant admittance to tolerant outlines, improved research center outcome accessibility, drug mistake cautions, and updates for preventive consideration.

In conclusion, I might want to include that Electronic clinical records improve the nature of care, tolerant results, and security through improved administration, decrease in drug mistakes, decrease in superfluous examinations, and improved correspondence and connections among essential consideration suppliers, patients, and different suppliers associated with care.

Electronic medical records improve the work lives of physicians during their Tele-Consultation  to access the medical records of the patients they are consulting with on the other side of the screen. Electronic medical records improve efficiencies in consultations and review of the case by reducing the time required to pull charts, improving access to comprehensive patient data, writing the new prescriptions, helping to manage prescriptions, improving the scheduling of patient appointments, providing remote access to patients’ charts, and moreover the increase the portability of medical records across with global specialists.

Electronic medical records capture point-of-care data that inform and improve practice through quality improvement projects, practice-level interventions, and informative research.

Docstel wants to introduce EMR practice in India on a grass root level with local physicians and our population so that the years-old practice of carrying bulky medical records is removed and we live in a paper-free world with our medical records which are secure and accessed from anywhere in the world with a click.  

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

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Ashvini Naik said...

A very informative post & insight into online medical consultations.

Srishti Rajeev said...

A great Idea by docstel. May take a while to implement but would be worth every penny and time value spent. It would help the medical fraternity and science too in compiling data.

Cindy D'Silva said...

oh yes this is definitely a great idea if all doctors are on this app. im not sure how the other apps are working but heard that online consultation is happening all over india.

Manisha said...

Manisha - I am from this field and surely know the importance. Being aware of the ground realities I know getting EMR in India won't be easy but it will be a big change for good of people.

Shreemayee said...

Docstel is the perfect site to get connected with the specialists. I was totally unaware of EMR and its good effects. Thanks for the info.

Mrinal said...

It will be very helpful if EMR practice starts in India.. It will help doctors as well as patients!

Nidhi KM said...

Great to know about this. Will look into this in detail. Docstel looks like a great site for a quick and great solution or an otherwise long process

Siddhi said...

World had become digital and that was only for better bcz pandemic showed us a way to one keep away from doctors when not necessary and two by taking the route of online consultation. This app seems apt.

Sandy N Vyjay said...

As with other areas, healthcare too has in fact been one of the fastest adopters of technology. EMR is really a great boon for more effective management of patient information.

Snigdha Prusti said...

It is very helpful and informative for us. That will be good if EMR practice starts in India.. It will help doctors as well as patients!

Gunjan( said...

Thank you for sharing, wasn't aware about Docstel, seems like very helpful, sharing this with family and friends

Humaira said...

EMR looks best for the better medical records. Docstel looks like a great site for a quick and great health solution.

Shubhada Bhide said...

Quite an insightful article about EMR.. I didn't know quite a few things medical field it is always the best to have all the latest innovation.

Vaishali Sudan Sharma said...

Wow !! Good to see that everything is getting so digital soon. But we definitely need this in India too. I have heard few cases where people was saved ( in foreign countries ) just because of the EMR.Hoping we will also get the benefit of the same in near future.