Thursday 8 October 2020

Importance of teaching cooking to kids

 Hello Friends 

Back with one more interesting post on Parenting :) 

Being a parent of young kids is challenging and we learn from others as well as from our own personal experiences.

In this post, I will share my opinion on the Importance of teaching cooking to kids

One of the best ways to get kids eating right is by involving them in the cooking process.
They should know how much time and effort it takes to prepare a meal and so should not say No to it.
It's practical experience with many skills like correct measurement of ingredients, right cooking time,
ideas of flavors and most important is Patience
One needs to have some patience to cook a delicious and healthy meal.

Benefits of cooking with kids 

* Encourages family bonding 
When kids cook with their parents, they learn a lot, and its a good family bonding time.
They feel excited and happy to learn new dishes.

* Boost their confidence
When perfectly mastered the art of cooking or baking, they feel more confident than before.
This would also help in overall personality development.
And it's beyond the books :) 
Some good achievement in practical life.

* Increases focus and attention
Cooking or baking increases focus and attention in kids as they would never like to get their dish spoiled because of any silly mistake.

* Introduces kids to the science of cooking 
Cooking and baking teach them a lot of science.
The right temperature for baking, and details of mixing ingredients and results.
So again this learning is beyond the books.

* Enhances Fine Motor Skills 
Rolling the dough, cutting cookies with a cookie cutter enhances fine motor skills in kids. 

And most important is Value for food and efforts put by parents.

When they will cook themselves they will understand the importance of not wasting any food.
( Which is very important to teach them at a young age) 

At my home, I always encouraged my kids to cook some basic dishes.
It started with making Sandwiches and Bread Omelet.

Initially, I never left them alone in the kitchen.
I used to be with them and monitor them but at the same time taught them how to do that and specially safety measures to remember when using the Gas stove or any kitchen appliances.

Now they have learned a lot of dishes especially baking ones like Plum Cakes, Cookies, etc.
Again baking is like an art, needs perfection.
The right measure of ingredients and correct baking time.
My daughter has learned it through her own experience :) 
And she bakes delicious cookies.
Sharing some images of her cookies :) 

This pinwheel chocolate cookie was a hit :) 
Delicious and perfectly baked. 

From ready to cook Pancake mix, they prepare pancakes whenever they feel hungry :) 
And with chocolate syrup, it tastes too good :) 


Choco Cupcakes 

Cooking donuts was the most difficult and time taking one, As this was not baked one but fried one and took a lot of time in preparation but ultimately tasted good :) 

So with these now I am trying to teach them some more recipes.

Earlier when I used to get ill one of my biggest concerns was What will they eat if I can't cook?
Now I am free from that worry as I know they can cook something and feed themselves. 

So dear friends start teaching your kids some basic recipes and enjoy those moments and dishes :) 

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Manisha said...

Manisha - When you are involved in doing things like cooking you realise the hard work behind it and relish it more, one of the biggest lessons I learnt when my Mom started teaching me cooking.

Cindy D'Silva said...

Plus they will not always expect their wives to cook. I mean the boys! That's been a tradition that I'm successfully trying to ban in our house.

N J said...

Cooking with kids is messy but an enjoyable process of learning and bonding. I love it.

Puspanjalee said...

I so believe that kids should know cooking as a life skill. I have been writing secret letters to my son explaining our food and documenting recipes so that one day, when he grows up, he can cook for himself

Harshita Nanda said...

I totally agree with you, children need to learn how to cook. My sons are still on the basics but have perfected their brownies since they love to eat that!!

Haimanti said...

Yes teaching how to cook to kids has a lot of benefits, both short term and in the long run... I like that it makes them confident and also gives the courage to try out new things... It is a basic life skill which everyone should learn... Btw the pinwheel chocolate cookies look awesome!

Hansa Kajaria said...

Cooking is a life skill which each one shld learn. Not just girls. But boys too. My daughter is 7 n now makes bread butter n cheese sandwiches for herself n her little bro when they are hungry and I am busy with other work. And also my son loves to make chapatis with his mumma.

Anecdotes of Mom Life said...

I agree with you, teaching cooking to kids is a life saver skill. Help them with basics and later introduce more independent cooking.

Shail Thosani said...

I totally agree with you. Teaching your kids to cook it a very important skill. Specially to make them appreciate what they are eating. And this skill should not be limited to teaching only the girls it is equally important for boys also to learn it.

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Shafquat jahan said...

Cooking is no more gender role,These are basic life skill which every one should learn.Great way to interact with children 😍

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