Wednesday 6 January 2021


Irregular periods are something which most of the girls & women have faced some or the other time. 

Especially during this lockdown period last year, many faced this issue.

A survey showed 65% of women faced this issue during the lockdown period. 

Reason being less active than before because of staying at home (sedentary lifestyle), stress, anxiety change in sleeping patterns, diet changes ( irregular eating habits) which cause hormonal changes in the body that ultimately affects the menstrual cycle. 

( Stress is one of the biggest cause of irregular periods) 

As the excess release of cortisol (stress hormone) can suppress normal levels of reproductive hormones.

An irregular period is either a missed or delayed period when one doesn't get their period within 28-30 days of the previous menstrual cycle.

An irregular period is not good and there are some simple ways to control it like :

* Taking soaked fenugreek seeds water early in the morning ( empty stomach ) 

* Including raw papaya dishes in the diet. 

* Doing yoga and some exercises.

* Maintain a healthy weight ( as overweight people have more of this irregular periods problem) 

* Eat less junk food and more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

* Taking Apple Cider Vinegar 

Sometimes when this also doesn't help one needs to take help from a doctor. 

But the medicine given by doctors for this is often birth control pills ( oral contraceptives) containing hormones Estrogen & progesterone.

And it is not good to take such medicines for a long period of time ( as then it will side effects too) 

Namyaa has come up with a Period Care kit to tackle these problems.

Namyaa is a Natural Skincare brand that offers some good skincare products as well as these Period care kits.

They have some good products in their Health & Wellness section, Hygiene, Personal care section.

Do check their website. 

Now coming back to its period care kit, the product is NAMAYA ANTARTAVA  for delayed & irregular periods.

It's an ayurvedic syrup that is free of harmful chemicals, artificial fragrance. 

Has excellent ingredients list like Aloe Vera, Pippali, Karanja, Kultha, Ashwagandha, etc.

It helps to restore the natural menstrual cycle to 28-31 days and also helps to promote timely ovulation.

It treats hormonal imbalance and purifies the blood.

One needs to take this for a few months to regularize their menstrual cycle.

One needs to take 20ml of this syrup after breakfast & dinner for a minimum of 90 days ( 3 months ).

It's a vegan product.

Has ayurvedic certified ingredients.

Good for PCOD patients also.

PCOD ( Polycystic ovarian disease) and PCOS are some of the most complained issues these days.

It's a kind of hormonal imbalance in the body and it also aggravates the problem of irregular periods.

If not treated properly could cause infertility issues. Apart from infertility, it can also cause severe gynecological complications. 

Namyaa has also come up with the AARTAVA KASHYA 

This one just like Antartava has a composition of natural ingredients like Kanchar, Triphala, Yavashkar, and many more that definitely help in benefiting people suffering from PCOS & PCOD.

Another introduction in the range of Namyaa Period Care is the NAMAYA SHWET KANIKA

This one is dedicated to the issue of treating excessive white discharge and related problems.

Like the other two products, this one also has all-natural ingredients.

This helps in promoting timely ovulation, treats odorous white discharge, etc.

Namyaa has some excellent products in their Health and Wellness section, Hygiene, Personal care section. So do check their website for checking out their complete range. It's also available at online stores like Amazon, Flipkart. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

Do share your views on this in the comment section below. 


( Image source: from Namyaa Website ) 


Anita Singh said...

Thanks for review of useful product 👍👍
Main friends n family ko jarur bataungi, humare liye ye bahut hi jaruri product hai

Unknown said...

One of the most beneficial product for irregular periods . I am having big pcod problem due to which my periods gets delayed every month and some times i face heavy flow but after taking Namaya periods care kit my periods is getting back to normal routine and pcod is also getting to normal level. Its a very beneficial product.

Nidhi Narang said...

Thank you for sharing.. this is best medicine..I will share with my friends and is very beneficial product

Snigdha Prusti said...

I was planning to get this period care kit for my sister who has PCOD problem. Glad I came across your review . I Will get now .

Shreemayee said...

This is a very helpful care kit for irregular periods. And yes, I know that those birth control pills are not good for a long period. PCOD is the issue I've been suffering for quite a long time. Would definitely get Namayaa kit now.

Silky said...

What an absolute great blog post, definitely much needed! Very detailed and informative, every single doubt is cleared with some amazing remedies and kits.

Anjali Sengar said...

Stress some time results in regular periods in my case. Thanks for sharing about this kit 😊