Tuesday 2 March 2021

Benefits of Coconut oil for Skin , Hair and Health

 Coconut oil is a wonderful oil with numerous health benefits as well it's an excellent oil to be used for skin care and hair care.

In this post, I will share some of its benefits.

Coconut Oil for Skincare 

Coconut oil is made up of a unique combination of natural fats which makes it excellent for skin care.

* It's a natural moisturizer, moisturizes the skin well, and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time.

* Fights the sign of skin aging.

* Has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

* Helps to treat sunburn.

* Can be used as a makeup cleanser. 

* Can be used while shaving hands and legs. 

* Can be used as a massage oil. 

So it's included in many skincare products as the main ingredient.

Virgin Coconut oil is the best for skin care and hair care.

Coconut Oil For Haircare 

Coconut oil is the most used and trusted oil for hair care and for solving hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, itchy scalp, etc.

* It deeply conditions the hair and ideally, one should apply coconut oil at night and leave it overnight, and then shampoo in the morning.

* One can also prepare various types of hair masks using coconut oil.

To treat dandruff, one can mix coconut oil with lemon juice and apply it on the scalp, leave it for half an hour then shampoo their hair.

* Coconut oil helps to tame frizz and add shine to hairs. So it's a must-have product for people having dry and frizzy hair. 

Health Benefits of Coconut oil

* Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids which encourage the body to burn body fat.

* Provides quick energy to the body and brain.

* Coconut oil is good for heart health.

* Has antimicrobial effects on the body.

* Helps in weight management as burns body weight.

* Increases good cholesterol in the body ( HDL ) 

So these are the numerous benefits of Coconut oil.

Add coconut oil to your daily routine.

Use it for your skincare and haircare regime.

It's less expensive than other products available in the market.

Use it for cooking also as it has numerous health benefits.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful. 

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RITIKA Mehta said...

Such Soo amazing information 😍 about coconut oils used thank you Soo much for sharing 😍 such great post ♥️♥️


Thnq so much Ghazala mam . Your posts are always helpful for me 😍😍 Such an awesome post 🥰

Nancy said...

Coconut is best for health as well as skin.... Im using coconut oil on hair.... Thanx for this post maam ❤❤❤ you always best .... And best and honest person.... Thanku so much maam ❤❤❤

Pallavi Jain said...

Agree with your post .. coconut oil is so magical..
Once I had some skin issues ,I went to dr. And he told me to get injection for that skin issue
Then I didn't inject the medicine .. instead of that I use coconut oil,and magically after a year ,my skin issue disappeared magically..

Coconut oil always a boon for everything...

Nidhi Narang said...

There are many benefits of coconut milk and oil thank you for sharing

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Woww soo good

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