Saturday, 31 July 2021

Learning Made Easy With SkiPin App

 Since the Pandemic started, all around the world online teaching and learning is the most convenient way to learn and study.

Most of the schools are doing online classes but parents feel that it's not sufficient, students are missing many things.

We need something extra to teach them. 

For that, we have some good options like recently I came across a learning app called Skipin.

Skipin is an adaptive Self Learning app by Wise Owl Private Limited.

One can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

Check here: Skipin

One needs to register there by providing their email ID and student's name and class.

Once done one can check the app.

They provide assignments and lessons for three subjects: Mathematics, Science, English.

One can access lessons and assignments of class they have registered.

There are 300 + activities for each subject like lessons, assignments & projects.

I have registered for class 7 for my daughter. 

There are 15 lessons for Mathematics which includes some basic chapters like Fractions & Decimals,
Simple Equations, Triangles, Geometry, Algebra, etc.

There are 18 lessons in Science which includes Plant Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Acids & Bases, Waste management, Soil basics, Respiration, Electric Current and its effects, etc.

So almost all topics are covered.

There are 12 lessons in English mostly grammar. 

So one can improve their English grammar by doing these assignments give at SkiPin App.

There are objective questions given which needs to be done by students and this way they learn.

One Mathematics project for class 7 

Science question given with diagram helps to understand better and makes it interesting for the students.

What I liked about this Skipin App:

1. One can easily download it from Google Play Store for free. 

2. Registration process is hassle-free.

3.One can enroll their kids as per their age and class. 

4. There are good study materials for three main subjects, Mathematics, Science, English.

5. Study material provided are good and questions are easy to understand and answer.

6. Questions are given in image form also so that students find it interesting and easy.

Overall I liked it and would recommend other parents to check it for their kids.

They have two options:

Free one where one can see some study materials.

Paid membership where there is a vast number of assignments, projects & study materials.

Do share your opinion about this in the comment section below.



Ambi said...

This app is makes study so simple and interesting... everyone should try this๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Nancy garg said...

Absolutely convenient app for students studying online. Comprehensive explanations and the language is very simple to understand.I liked this app, a good learning app for school students, study materials, assignments given are good and easy to understand and do. Almost all topics covered in Maths, Science and English๐Ÿ™‚

Anita Singh said...

Great, thanks for recommendation ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Learning to bahut easy ho gai...Sabke liye useful hai, kitna kuch cover kiya hai