Tuesday 24 August 2021

How Sattvic Lifestyle Helps To Maintain Good Health

 Health is wealth and we all want to have a healthy body and healthy mind.

But the most important question is "How "

In this post, I will try to explain how easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It's not rocket science, it's a habit and we just need to make a healthy lifestyle our habit.

Past few months I was studying Satvic Lifestyle and its benefits.

I read a lot about it, also watched some videos on Youtube on this topic.

So sharing what it is.

The word Sattvic means Pure Essence and Sattvic foods are thought to be pure and balanced.

Offering feelings of calmness, happiness, and mental clarity.

Sattvic lifestyle includes eating fresh vegetarian food, doing exercise and Yoga, doing intermittent fasting, etc.

The five main principles of Satvic Lifestyle are: 

1. Eating Vegetarian 

What we eat has a great impact on our health. 

So eating healthy and eating the right food as per our age and medical condition is very important.

Sattvic lifestyle puts emphasis on eating a completely vegetarian diet and says NO to all non-vegetarian foods as much as possible.

One needs to include fresh fruits, vegetables in their diet.

A big No to all processed and packed food which we call junk food. 

Replacing white sugar with dates & jaggery.

Replacing white flour with brown flour and white rice with brown rice. 

2. Doing Intermittent fasting

Fasting has numerous health benefits.

It helps to cleanse our body.

Being a Muslim and keeping Roza every year, I was knowing this since childhood :) 

Nowadays many practices intermittent fasting which is 16-hour fasting starting from evening till the next morning.

They suggest to take light dinner by early evening like maximum by 7 pm and then taking the next meal the next day by 11 am so that it makes a 16 hours gap.

This time period is required to cleanse the body, if we keep on eating frequently the body doesn't get sufficient time to do deep cleansing which results in the accumulation of toxins in the body, which are the main reasons for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol in the body.

Our body needs time to cleanse itself.

3. Doing regular exercise

The deficiency of Vitamin D is very common these days and the reason is we are not spending time in the sun. We stay indoors, hooked to our gadgets and hectic lifestyles.

We need to spend some time outdoors, doing exercise in the fresh air and sun.

So sattvic lifestyle also puts emphasis on spending time outdoors and doing regular exercise as simple as a morning walk.

4. Taking Fresh Detox Juice in the morning

Sattvic lifestyle recommends taking fresh detox juice in the morning, this helps to cleanse the system 

which I already mentioned ( how it helps to remove toxins from our body)

The two types of juice which they mention are:

* Ash Gourd Juice ( White Petha )

* Cucumber Juice 

With the help of either juicer or blender, one can prepare this detox juice and have it before breakfast.

This helps to cleanse our system.

5. Cooking in Earthenware

They recommend cooking our food in earthenware, not in steel, aluminum, or nonstick utensils.

The reason being food cooked in these is not healthy and they lose their nutritional value, whereas foods cooked in earthenware are healthy and retain all nutrients. 

My Opinion about Sattvic Lifestyle 

Being a fitness freak and person with an obsession with a healthy lifestyle, I found it too interesting :) 

I tried to follow all that they are recommending.

* Brought some earthenware and now cooking my veggies in it.

They taste much better than when cooked in aluminum utensils.

I use minimal oil in cooking and cook on low flame.

* Doing morning walk is my routine for ages, now I try to spend some more time in the sun :)

* By the grace of Almighty, I have a practice of doing fasting so doing intermittent fasting was not very tough for me.

* Have replaced my regular meals with fruits and salads many a time.

That makes me feel better.

* Keeping away from non-vegetarian food is a bit difficult as when you are cooking biryani & kebabs and not tasting it is  :( 

But still, I have managed to reduce my intake of non-veg food and now having more vegetarian food :) 

After doing all this the reward is : 

I have lost few kilos    Yay :) 

I feel better and happy :) 

So I would recommend all to try this as much as possible.

The results will surely surprise you :) 

Do share your opinion about my post in the comment section below.


 ( * Image source: Taken from Google) 

Monday 16 August 2021

How Pursuing Hobby Helps to De-stress

 After the Pandemic started and because of lockdown we all were bound to stay indoors as much as possible, it's being observed that stay at home has badly affected the mental health of many.

We were not used to this lifestyle, not going to public places or friends or relative's houses, staying in, and not being to meet many. 

Most of the people spent time watching some series on Netflix or Youtube but again excess of that also gets boring.

Like many others, I also thought of pursuing my long lost hobbies to engage myself in some creative work and feel happy :) 

Pursuing a hobby actually helps a lot to de-stress

* Our minds get excited when there is a new and exciting thing to do and accepts that challenge and that helps to change our mood :) 

* A calming activity like painting or gardening lowers the stress level and relaxes the mind.

* Group activities like painting or baking with kids are fun.

* Writer and Poets feel satisfied and happy when they are able to write something good.

* Hobby time is away from regular work time, be it office work some daily household chores

so it's ME time.

* It helps to declutter our mind, we stop thinking about negative things and problems and mind is diverted towards hobby ideas.

* It takes our mind to a new world of imagination.

After marriage and with small kids, my schedule was too hectic, sometimes it was even difficult to get time to relax.

So this free time during the lockdown period gave me enough time to relax and do what I was not able to do earlier. I started spending more time on writing ( which is a part of my profession) as well as some time to do other hobbies like Painting :)

I used to do a lot during my school days than there was a long break. 

Thankfully last year I started again.

I started with bottle art. 

It was something different from the ones I was doing during my school days but I thoroughly enjoyed it:) 

First I saw some Youtube videos to get some ideas of doing bottle arts and paints and then ordered some good sets of paintbrushes and acrylic colors from Amazon.

And started doing it on various glass bottles which were already there in my kitchen :)

( Just cleaned them well ) 

Now have placed those glass bottles as Home Decor at many places in my house and feel happy whenever I see them.

My art & My Happiness :) 

My daughters also did some as they also got excited at the thought of doing bottle art.

Sharing some pics