Monday 13 September 2021

My 3 Favourite Hair Care Products

 Hairfall, itchy scalp, frizzy hairs are something we read and hear everywhere.

People of all age groups are facing hair problems these days, reasons are many like improper diet, use of excessive products on hairs which have chemicals, using curling devices, etc.

Post-delivery I am also facing some hair fall issues.

I try to keep my hair and scalp clean by using a mild shampoo ( the ones with less harsh chemicals) 

and Aloe Vera gel to keep the scalp healthy.

In this post, I will share 3 of my favorite hair care products which I found too good :) 

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner with Keratin & Argan Oil 

This is one of the best conditioners I have used till date.
It's ideal for people having dry and rough hair.
Only coin-sized amount is required to condition the hairs.
One needs to apply this on wet hairs after doing shampoo, leave it on hair for few minutes then wash it off with plenty of water.
It makes hair soft and frizz-free.
Also one can feel an increase in volume.
Hair looks much better than before.

One can check this product at Amazon

Mama Earth Argan hair mask 

With Argan and Avacado oil, this is one of the best hair masks I have used.
One needs to apply it on hair and leave it for an hour and then wash it off with plenty of water and do a mild shampoo.
It nourishes the hair, reduces hair fall, makes hair soft and frizz-free.

One can buy this at Amazon

Evoya Egg Oil 

This helps to reduce hair fall, makes hair soft and silky.
One needs to apply it on hair and leave it for few hours and then do shampoo.
Recommended to use twice or thrice a week.
After using it my hair felt too good, soft and silky :) 
The only thing I didn't like is its strong fragrance
( which eventually goes after shampoo)

One can check it at Amazon

Apart from this regular coconut oil and a good Aloe Vera Gel is always on my list :) 



Cooking_lover_nishtha said...

I wish to try this product..awesome review ..thank you for sharing ❤

Nidhi Narang said...

Mam you always bring best review for us..these product look inspiring person 👏❤ i am so happy i follow beautiful and talented blogger like you ..east or west you are best

Divya (div80ya) said...

Love your share informative post ..thank you for sharing list of amazing product best for hair

every corner of world said...

I have used Tresemme and Mama earth products for hair care and really loved them. For me, I always prefer mild, chemical-free shampoo or conditioner or mask for hair. Great review.

smita saksena said...

Very nice, honest and thorough review of hair care products. One of my friend is having a problem of hair fall ...I would recommend her these.

Harjeet Kaur said...

Lovely product share, Gazala. I have used Tresseme and Mama earth but egg oil I have heard for the first time. Thanks for sharing. I will surely check it out. But I swear on virgin coconut oil

Satabdi said...

I think I'm going to try Evoya egg oil. I don't mind strong-smelling products as long as they help with my dry and frizzy hair. Tresemme conditioner has not helped all that much, meaning the effect wears off after a few hours.

I generally use coconut oil in summer and mustard oil in winter for my hair. My husband has begun to use aloe vera for his itchy scalp and it does work well.

Memory Flies said...

Tressme I assume it have lot of chemical but your details post force me to give it a try. I used mama earth product. It was really good. Will try out tressme for sure.

Deliciously Alive said...

Evoya is a brand I had not heard of, till I read your post. Really curious about using the Egg Oil and seeing the results.

Vasumathi DS Ponday said...

I have recently started using hair mask....I think I will try the Mama Earth one that you have recommended. I recently have started having a lot of hairfall. The hair mask is kind of helping.

Aditi Kapur said...

Tresemme is my favourite brand for hair care. Reading your review, I would like to try Mamaearth hair mask and Evoya egg oil. Thanks for sharing.

Madhu Bindra said...

I have good hair naturally and also using coconut oil regularly over the year. I use Tresemme and it is really good. The other two I have not used. thanks for sharing the review.

Ritu said...

I have been using Tresemme, one of the rare conditioners I am not allergic to. And it is pretty good. I will check out the other ones too. Thanks for sharing the review.

Mehul Kaku said...

I liked the way products have been reviewed. I will share with friends and family.

Abha Singh said...

Tresemme is one of my favourite brands. Others I have not tried yet but would love to. Great review.

KickUpstairs said...

I am using Mamaearth Hair mask since long and I am quite satisfied with the output. It really works and helps in strengthening the roots.

Ms Arora said...

Tressemme shampoo I am already using . I would like to give a try to Mama Earth mask.