Saturday 16 October 2021

The World Needs More of Kindness

 A smiling face does not guarantee a happy heart. 

We never know and can understand what the other person is going through as usually, people do not want to cry in public or do not wish to share their struggle and pain with everyone.

Especially the introvert ones. 

So, Be Kind to everyone you meet :)

Before sarcastically complaining " You forgot me " or " You are too busy " 

Pause and Think 

Ask them about their health and happenings first.

They might not open in front of you but try to give some good vibes, some reasons to smile :) 

As compared to our parent's and grandparents' time, cases of mental illness are much more now and sadly it remains unnoticed and uncared.

People are worried about physical health, education, carrier, money but not Mental Health

Which can cause depression and mental problems. 

There are many cases where bright students become failures in practical life.

Reason mental issues, lack of confidence, less practical approach towards life, less of emotional bonding with family and friends.

These all made me think deeply about this issue.

Are we providing a good environment to our kids and immediate family members?

The answer might be Yes or No 

But thankfully we still have time to work on it.

Let's start with our families then close friends and then others.

Let's bond emotionally, 

Let us try to be a Pillar of emotional support to all who need it.

It doesn't cost you money or much time, 

Just a little patience and empathy :)

Empathy is something that can make you a Better Person.

As it will help you to understand and feel others' pain.

Before the pandemic started we all were living a very hectic life, busy with our jobs and daily chores, some even didn't care to stay connected with their relatives or old friends but then during the lockdown period, we had plenty of free time.

Many got connected with their long-lost friends and relatives again.

When I got connected with many of my cousins and friends and listened to their stories, then understood that everyone is going through some or another thing, everyone's challenge is different but it's there.

At times they don't even get someone to listen to their problems.

I know many a time it's not possible to help a few but at best we can listen to them and give them some moral strength so that they feel better. 

So finally I would say let's try our best to provide emotional support to our near and dear ones. 

Show them more kindness, give them a little more time.

Believe me " You will feel good, happy and satisfied " 

One gets inner satisfaction by helping others. 

In this mad race and mad world, let's show some kindness and empathy to others. 

The world needs more kindness and more kind people.



Harjeet Kaur said...

Kindness is becoming extinct. I think when there were more beggars there was more kindness. Now we need more empathy, Gazala. There is so much suffering but we rarely put ourselves in the other person's shoes and feel what they are going through. I have been through a lot and I have seen total callousness of people around me.

Shreemayee said...

Kindness, empathy are becoming obsolete words these days. At this time your post really brings some positive vibes. I agree with you that staying with some persons in need of mental support can make oneself happy and satisfied.

Jigna said...

Its a lovely thought and yes it is much needed considering the day and age we are living in now. It is also important that we demonstrate to our next generation, how they can be kind and generous.

Aditi Kapur said...

We should be kind to everyone we come across. You know, it has become essential to remind people of being kind because the present generation is missing this important aspect of life.

suhavijay said...

Nice apt post at a time, when kindness is becoming more or less extinct. Thanks for those wonderful words and post.

smita saksena said...

So true... but in today's world kindness is rarely seen. Very well written post.

Madhu Bindra said...

A lovely post and so important. It is really sad that we need to tell people to be kind. It should come from within. But these days, kindness is thought of as a weakness. And being rude is called fashionable.

Raghav said...

World would be so much better if everyone followed this path. And you picked the right word, 'Empathy'. That's the core of it

Vasumathi_The Scarlett Dragonfly said...

Good read. Empathy is rare though we all like to believe we are empathetic. Also a person who is always there to help others is the last to receive it in return. Ppl take that person and their support for granted and assume all is well with them.

Satabdi said...

A very imp post and it was good to hear this today. Those sarcastic comments really hurt.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan said...

Very very important point put forth. You ll never know what someone is going through until you are in their shoes. A little act of kindness definitely is no harm

Ritu said...

Your post is on point. Sorry for being a negative Nancy, but apparently, kindness is overrated these days. And so is empathy. Unfortunately, people need to be "reminded" to be more kind and have empathy.

Mehul Kaku said...

Mental illness matters..It needs attention as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing

Abha Singh said...

Kindness is something that we all need to practice. Very nicely written post and a gentle reminder to make this world beautiful.

every corner of world said...

We should be kind to everyone we come across. You'll never know what someone is going through until you are in their shoes. But these days, kindness is thought of as an overrated gesture. Still I believe in kindness and hope someday everyone will understand the value of this moral gesture.

Pooja Jha said...

Such a beautiful post, wonderfully articulated. I agree to each and ever word you have written and practice most of them in daily life and I can happily say-Peaple do consider me when they need emotional support.

Ms Arora said...

Believe me kindness and gratitude are the two things that can change the life.

A Lady Lawyer said...

That is interesting perspective you have gotten from the pandemic. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

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Shafia Kamal said...

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