Sunday 14 November 2021

Benefits of Running An Instagram Giveaway

 Hello friends 

Back with one more interesting post for my readers :) 

In Today's post, I will discuss the benefits of running an Instagram Giveaway :) 

We all know giveaway helps to connect with our followers & readers.

It also helps us to get new followers, more engagement on our page.

But it has several other benefits too :) 

During my initial days of blogging some six years back, I started with Blog Giveaways 

That actually helped me to get genuine readers for my blog posts, some of which are still reading my posts regularly.

Then it was Facebook contest & giveaways in collaboration with a few brands, that also worked well and helped me to get new readers for my blog :)

Next, the trend was Instagram 

Which is still the most popular social media platform for many.

Initially, I did some giveaways of my own on Instagram, then in collaboration with some brands which helped me to get more followers.

Two years back I started a Giveaway page on Instagram with one of my closest blogger friends Zainab Raazi :)

Since both of us have done lots of giveaways together, we thought of starting a page.

Initially, it was too much work, too many confusions but gradually within 4-5 months things settled and it was easy to manage. 

We are doing monthly giveaways with some bloggers and brands. 

Our brand partners sponsor their brand's products as gifts :) 

Now after running it successfully for two years :)

I have a few things to share : 

1. It helped me to grow as a person 

This is the best thing that happened :) 

I got connected with new people, Influencers, bloggers, brands, and participants.

2. I learned Business

Yes, this is true for a person who has no background in the business.

I learned how to deal with Clients 

How to convince brands to collaborate :) 

For July Giveaway we collaborated with a celebrity Rakshandha Khan :) 

Again that was a different kind of experience dealing with a celebrity :)

3. Growth of my Instagram page 

From the giveaway page, every month I am gaining new followers and very good engagement from participants. Which is so good for my blogging profession.

4. WE could help many needy people via giveaways

This sounds a bit strange but it's true. Many of the giveaway winners personally messaged me and thanked me for the money and gifts they won from our page, said during the lockdown period financial situation was not good and the prize money helped them.

Again this made me think 

We should have more cash giveaways where our winners get cash amounts as prizes.

So, for me, this journey can be called a Happy Journey :) 

Sharing my page's link

Do check it out

 The Prizes Galore 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

Do share your views in the comment section below.



Jigna said...

I love how informative and from heart your blogs are...this is a great idea, i am going to try to use this, but how do u decide the winners?.

Ghazala said...

Winners are selected on the basis of their effort. The ones who bring us more followers, do a lot of engagement, win :)

suhavijay said...

I always stayed away from giveaways and thanks a lot for your enlightening post. Now I know and I can prepare myself for the same

Satabdi said...

Interesting to see how you've built up a large following through giveaways. I checked out the Instagram page, too. Amazing work!

Monidipa said...

I was about to start giveaways but last week my IG id got hacked. However, your post is really enlightening for everyone as you have clearly posted it benefits in here.

Madhu Bindra said...

I also hosted a giveaway a long time back. It is a great way to create a community. You are doing excellent work. Congratulations.

Aditi Kapur said...

The post is quite informative. In the time of social media, such words of wisdom should be saved forever.

every corner of world said...

I have tried once regarding IG giveaway and it ended with fake accounts they were chasing for the giveaway. Not a good experience though. I will try again though.

Asha19547 said...

Thank you share best contest ..your contest help us a lot .. the prize galore is one best contest host by respectable host.. I really love this contest .. try best �� this post is informative..agree each and every point

Asha19547 said...

Best contest

Harjeet Kaur said...

Please share how to go about it. I did a couple of times but didn't benefit at all. I am technically challenged so don't have much idea. It is a good way to connect with your followers for sure.

Ritu said...

I checked out your account. Great going! I have participated in giveaways and they are a great way of growing. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Abha Singh said...

I think giveaways are a great way to gain followers and engagement. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Vasumathi_The Scarlett Dragonfly said...

Interesting post. As someone who teaches Marketing & Analytics, Iam always on the look out for such stories. Will be sure to connect this to my students.

Raghav said...

That's awesome. My spouse is a seasoned Baker and we'd love to collaborate. How does it work? I'm dropping my email ID for taking it forward.

Ms Arora said...
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Ms Arora said...

I must follow you on insta to be a winner some day and try my luck. What I do not like is tagging others. I mean sharing, commenting is okay.

A Lady Lawyer said...

Giveaways are indeed beneficial for many reasons... Great to see your commitment to the page!