Monday 29 November 2021

Health Benefits of Fasting

 Hello friends 

In this post, I will share some health benefits of fasting and why is it so necessary.

* Fasting helps in weight management 

Overweight or obesity is a common problem now in people of all age groups.

Fasting helps to control those hunger pranks and do mindful eating. 

Less calorie intake helps in weight loss. 

* Fasting promotes better health by fighting inflammation

One study has shown that intermittent fasting helps to decrease levels of inflammatory markers.

* It may improve heart health by improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

* Boosts metabolism 

Fasting actually boosts metabolism which helps in weight control and weight loss.

* Could delay the aging process 

The most common types of fasting which we can practice are: 

* Water fasting 

One needs to drink plenty of water for a particular time period avoiding any solid food.

This also helps to cleanse the system and remove toxins from the body.

* Liquid Diet 

In this case, one can take only a liquid diet for a day or two, like fresh juices, coconut water, soups, etc. 

* Intermittent Fasting 

Here food intake is restricted for a few hours like 14-16 hours.

This helps to cleanse our body thoroughly and also helps in weight management.

* Partial Fasting 

In this case, few foods are restricted like fast foods, nonveg, sweets, etc.

This also helps in weight management.

* Calorie Restriction 

In this case, calorie intake is restricted so that one can easily do weight management.

Apart from this, we all know that all religion teaches the importance of fasting.

In Islam, we observe Roza during the holy month of Ramadan 

Entire month all are supposed to fast during day time, can eat in evening and night.

Very small kids can skip, it's for the 7+ age group.

Initially kids are made to fast for a day or two and as they grow older they are asked to keep more. 

We have been practicing this since childhood, so doesn't look difficult, in fact, is easy for us :) 

Kids are taught about the benefits of fasting, taught to respect food, thank almighty for the food we are getting daily, help poor and needy who can't afford good food like us. 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful. 

Do share your views in the comments section below. 


Harjeet Kaur said...

Very interesting topic and explained so well. I always wonder how people fast. I just cannot do it. Tried it a few times and let it go. 7-year-old kids fast all day? No water even?

suhavijay said...

My MIL is a living example for the benefits of fasting. She fasts completely on every Friday. Nice post with all the details about the fasting and its benefits

Monidipa said...

My mother used to fast, I fast once a year. But, I had studied too that fasting of any kind helps in blood sugar control, heart health, brain function

Aditi Kapur said...

Fasts are good for health. You have explained all pointers nicely. Though unable to keep a fast regularly, I respect those who have the courage and self-control needed for the fast.

Vasumathi_The Scarlett Dragonfly said...

Though i knew the benefits of fasting i rarely fast these days. My folks though still fast twice a week ... though not a complete fast they avoid certain kinds of cooked food

Satabdi said...

I follow intermittent fasting sometimes and I find it quite useful to shed the "festival weight." But I've never been able to stay hungry throughout the day. It's not easy!

Madhu Bindra said...

I used to fast only once a year for Karwa Chauth. Fasting has its benefits but people need to be careful before trying out the fad ones. Very informative post.

Ritu said...

I have never fasted. And I have high respect for those who do. It is interesting that each community promotes fasting. Your post is indeed informative.

Raghav said...

Inflammation was a new one for me. Have been reading on the benefits of fasting for a while now. I think I really need to start as well.

Ms Arora said...

I always find difficult to diet but yes, fasting is better option. Now I have started with tea without sugar

Abha Singh said...

Fasting has many health benefits. You covered most of them. I am a big-time foodie but I also started thinking about fasting considering its benefits.

A Lady Lawyer said...

Nicely outlined... I don't do much religious fasting (except for karwa chauth) but I have seen benefits of intermittent fasting!

Anonymous said...

Yes fasting is beneficial

Shafia said...

Yes absolutely it has many benefits πŸ‘Œ

Shafquat jahan said...

Fasting is the best detox indeedπŸ‘πŸ»,we should practice it regularly

Anonymous said...

Thank for this infπŸ«°πŸ‘

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Yes absolutely πŸ‘

Anonymous said...

yes right ✅️

Anonymous said...

Yes absolutely right fasting has really many benefits πŸ‘

Anonymous said...

Right ✅️

Anonymous said...

Thanks for information