Monday 22 November 2021

Oats Porridge Recipe

 Hello Friends 

Back with one more healthy recipe :) 

Today I will share a simple and easy-to-prepare oats recipe.

We all know that oats are healthy and should be included in our daily diet.

There are several sweet and savory oats recipes that we include in our diet.

Sharing one Oat porridge recipe.


* Oats - 1 cup
* Milk -2 cups 
* Dry fruits ( any of your choice ) 
* Fox Nuts ( Makhana ) - 1/2 cup 
* Olive oil /ghee - 2 tspn 
* Sugar ( as per taste) 
* Coconut powder - 1 tspn 

I took cashews, pistachios, raisins, figs, dates.

Method of preparation :

1. In a pan add ghee/oil, fry makhana, and dry fruits.
2. In a mixer grinder make a coarse powder of makhana and dry fruits.
3. In the same pan add oats and coconut powder, dry roast it for a few minutes on low flame, take care that it doesn't get burned.
4. Add milk and boil it on low to medium flame, once the milk starts boiling add dry fruits and sugar.
5. Cook it on a medium flame for 10-15 minutes till oats get cooked well.

Delicious oats porridge is ready to serve and enjoy :) 

Some Tips: 

* One can use fat-free skimmed milk.
* One can add or skip the sugar if they want to make it more healthy.
* Adding dates and fig requires less sugar.
* Using olive oil instead of ghee makes it more healthy.

This is good for breakfast as oats are rich in fiber and nutrients and help in digestion and weight management. 
Oats also help to control blood sugar levels and manage high BP problems. 

Do try it, you will surely like it :) 

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Satabdi said...

My kid loves oats porridge, but I hadn't thought of adding makhana to it. Thanks a bunch for this healthy recipe!

Harjeet Kaur said...

Your oats porridge sure loos tempting. Somehow never been an oats or porridge person. My kids too never liked it. At the most, it used to be a rare day of cornflakes. MOm used to make us daliya and that's what we used to have that. I am also lactose intolerent

Ritu said...

I'm not big on oats porridge. Plus I am highly allergic to dry fruits including makhanas. Would have loved to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

Vasumathi DS Ponday said...

I do not like oats too much but have it because it is healthy. This recipe makes it more interesting. Though I too make some variation of this porridge, I have never added Makhana - never even thought that it could be added! Interesting....

Madhu Bindra said...

I have never tried adding dry fruits or makhanas to oats porridge. I am sure it tastes delicious. We usually prepare it as an upma. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Aditi Kapur said...

We cook oats porridge everyday but skip adding dry fruit and ghee. These additions would definitely enhance the taste:)

Raghav said...

I don't know what they call it where you live, but this reminds me of a different dish my mother prepares on karwa chauth. It's these strands of gluten, sweet and has almost every ingredient this recipe features. (minus oats)

Monidipa said...

I am not a big fan of porridge but my husband loves it. Plus he is an awesome cook as well, I can share the reipe with him.

Ms Arora said...

This is quite different. Add fox nut n coconut must be giving the taste a newness

A Lady Lawyer said...

Thanks for the recipe! Going to try it tomorrow!

Cooking_lover_nishtha said...