Sunday, 5 December 2021

From diary of a poetess

 Hello Freinds 

A different kind of post today.

A short Urdu poem written by me :) 

( Sometimes I write Shayari also :) )

Inn bhuli bisri rahoo pe 

kuch yaadein aab bhi baqi hai 

Jeene ki tammana iss dil main 

shayad aab bhi baqi hai 

mat darra zindagi mujhe 

umeed aab bhi baqi hai 

Jeene ke liye, yehi bahut hai ki 

Mera Rab mujhse raazi hai :) 

A kind of motivational one, 

I read this when feeling low 

Umeed aab bhi baqi hai :) 

Among all the ups and down's 

we must remember " Hope is still there" 

 Share your view on this in the comment section below.



smita saksena said...

Superb Ghazala! I just loved this one. Even a feeble ray of hope helps to keep the positivity onn.

Madhu Bindra said...

Wow, I don't know you were a poetess too. Lovely writing. And a beautiful message that there is always hope.

aditi said...

Amazing! These motivational words are helpful to move forward in life!
Keep writing Ghazalađź’•

Monidipa said...

The words are beautiful. I always love reading or listening to shayaris during rain with a cup of tea. I am amazed.

suhavijay said...

Very nice poem Ghazala. It has such a beautiful message and I like to sit with a cup of tea with your poem

Vasumathi said...

Beautiful. Took a while to read this as my Hindi & Urdu are not so great. But very well penned.

Harjeet Kaur said...

Very positive and pleasant words.It is very refreshing to read indeed

Satabdi said...

Beautifully expressed!

Ritu said...

Short and succinct. But with so much depth. You should write more, Ghazala. Didn't know we had a poetess in our midst! Looking forward to reading more such gems from you.

Abha Singh said...

Beautiful words. No matter how messy our life look there is always hope that keeps us going.

Raghav said...

Reminds me of a crypto jargon #wagmi. We are going to make it. Beautifully written!

Ms Arora said...

Beautiful and powerful words to motivate in difficult times.

A Lady Lawyer said...

Very sweet and uplifting... Well-penned!

Cooking_lover_nishtha said...

Well penned down