Friday 19 May 2023


 Moms are multi-taskers, they know how to manage everything.

Be it daily chores like planning the menu, grocery shopping, teaching kids, or finance.

They are good at everything. 

They are actually very good at handling finance, they know how to save some money from the monthly expenses. 

Their secret stash of cash often helps at times of need.

They are good at short-term and long-term planning.

They try to provide the best for their children.

If we compare mom with mutual fund we will find many things similar.

Let's empower your financial well-being. 

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Monday 1 May 2023


 Hello Friends 

Back after a long time :) 

In today's post, I will share about a new launch by Wow Skincare.

It's a Limited edition curated luxury fragrance.

I received this last month. 

This pack has two fragrance 

1. Tanjore Twilight 

2. Gulmarg Mist 

Tanjore Twilight 

Tanjore Twilight is a floral fragrance. 

( Contains Jasmine & Basil Fragrance) 

It's mild and smells so good :) 

Good for everyday use while going out to college or work.

Gulmarg Mist 

Gulmarg mist is sublime and earthy.
( Contains saffron)
Good for those who like strong fragrances.

Price: 899 
( Which is affordable ) 

The packaging is cute and the sleek bottles are travel-friendly one
 can easily carry these in their bag or purse.
These are free of Parabens and phthalates.
Vegan and cruelty-free products.

Overall I liked this, one more good one from Wowskincare.

Do tell me your views about this.