Monday, 11 September 2023


 Parenting is not an easy task. 

Becoming a mom is a difficult process, parenting is even tougher than that.

Most of the new moms are a bit confused and they need emotional support.

Husband, immediate family, friends, and doctors all are there to seek advice but still sometimes they feel lonely, confused, and exhausted.

In this post let's discuss how to unveil the inner strength of a mom. 

It's famous that a mom can do anything for her child.

But the question is " How to make her realize her inner strength? "

After the" Post Delivery Blues," a mom needs some time to recover from her physical ailments, sleep deprivations, and completely changed routine.

Then slowly gets adjusted to the routine with her child.

They are not aware of every small and single bit of parenting, especially of a newborn.

They take advice from others.

Sometimes the mom's Guilt factor is so strong that she is unable to do it properly 

It's more in the case of working women as they need to resume thier work( profession) after a small gap.

All this confusion makes her feel sicker and sometimes few get into depression.

So, it's the responsibility of all to help such new moms and make them feel better and more comfortable.

Make them come of that mom's guilt. 

No one is perfect and mistakes do happen, so it's okay if a mom misses something or makes a mistake.

One always learns from his/her mistakes and experiences.

There are many Support Groups on Facebook, where new moms ask thier queries to be answered by other moms, who have knowledge and ideas about it.

Earlier it was to ask some lady in the family like mom, sister, mother-in-law, etc.

Now thankfully we have Online Forums and support groups on Social Media :)

Once a mom comes out of that guilt, she can truly realize her inner strength. 

Some tips for new moms: 

* If possible keep a Nanny or maid, the one who can help in daily household chores, and can also look after the child.

* Try to complete your sleep by taking short naps whenever possible. This helps to recharge the body and mind.

* Organize your time. When the kid is sleeping try to complete all your chores quickly and take some rest also.

* If not able to join the office/workplace, look for some work-from-home options.

* Eat a good, nutritious diet to have the strength to take care of your child and yourself.

* Stay hydrated, take plenty of water, Juice, and Soups, so as not to feel exhausted.

* Spend Quality time with your child. Enjoy Motherhood :) 

Now comes the question:" How to be an Empowered Mom? "

An empowered mom is self-assured, prioritizes self-care, and influences other moms.

Some tips for being an Empowered Mother 

1. Focus on you first

If a mom is not well, and not feeling okay, she cannot take care of her child and her family.

So it's very important to focus on yourself first. Your physical health, mental health, and happiness matters.

2. Be in control of you 

Do not let other people judge you or your capability, which is very common in our society.

Moms are judged and people make them feel guilty about everything.

Simply don't receive such negative vibes from anyone.

A mom knows best for her child. 

3. Embrace Imperfect Moments 

As I said before, a mom can make a mistake, she is human. And mistakes do happen.

One learns from it. So Take it easy, no need to be harsh with yourself.

4. Be open to possibilities 

As I said before, a new mom or a mom with a small kid can look for work-from-home options.

Or simply take a break for some time and resume her professional career later.

Be open to new possibilities, and explore new options :)

5. Trust Yourself 

You need to trust yourself, trust your abilities, trust your strengths.

If you will not trust yourself then who will? 


Enjoy every moment of it as that will give you lots of cherished memories :) 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

Do tell me your views in the comment section below.

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